Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 72.1 - Girls that can eat well can nurture well (Part 1)

Chapter 72 – Girls that can eat well can nurture well (Part 1)
Yun Ting really could do nothing about her, so all he could do was tell Grandpa Guo: “Grandpa Guo, don’t be polite and eat, otherwise, this little greedy cat will finish everything she can gobble down and we’ll go hungry.”
“Ha Ha Ha.” Grandpa Guo was very fond of Lin Mumu’s lively nature and couldn’t help but tease her: “Girls that can eat well can nurture well.”
“Nurture?” Lin Mumu wasn’t very clear about grandpa Guo meant by this word.
“Don’t be so slow-witted!” Yun Ting lightly grabbed Lin Mumu’s ear and came closer to explain the meaning of ‘nurture’ in her ear.
Seeing Lin Mumu’s face turning into a 囧, Yun Ting was very satisfied.
“You were the one to ask in the first place. You can’t blame me.” Yun Ting shrugged his shoulders.
“Hmph! Doesn’t it mean to bear children?” Lin Mumu angrily bit down her chicken leg: “Anyway, I’m a married woman and your wife, if you want to have a baby, I’ll give just you one, no, two, or even five!”
“…” Against such a pure and simple-minded Lin Mumu, Yun Ting was completely at his wit’s end.
While Grandpa Guo’s mocking laughter sounded behind them, Major General Yun could only earnestly and patiently teach classmate Lin Mumu:
“College students’ pregnancy can be laughed at by people, and the heavy university schoolwork will affect your pregnancy. Also, your studies will be delayed because of the childbirth.”
“That’s unlikely, ah. I will have already finished learning my basic religious studies course in my freshman year.” Lin Mumu smiled sweetly and her eyebrows curved into a beautiful arc while her cute canines were revealed: “Your family’s little wife is a top student, aren’t I?”
“Ok, my wife’s a top student, but your master wants us to divorce in three years, what’s to be done?”
“He’s unlikely to insist on that if we have children by then. Therefore, you’ll have to depend on your child for extra credits.”
“I think he’ll come to kill me before that.” Yun Ting awkwardly touched his nose.