Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 73.1 - Carrying his marriage certificate on him (Part 1)

Chapter 73 – Carrying his marriage certificate on him (Part 1)
The several little soldiers were stuck in an awkward position and were still hesitating over what should be done.
Suddenly, Yun Ting angrily shouted at them: “Come over and sit down quickly. What? I, Yun Ting, can’t get myself a wife? My wife is still in college, so I simply didn’t publicly announce it lest it has any bad influence on her.”
“Yes! Greeting senior official, greeting sister-in-law!” Fortunately, amidst the little soldiers, there was actually an acquaintance, and it was precisely that quick-witted soldier Xiao Du.
After Xiao Du made a standard military greeting, the other people didn’t salute, and quietly followed behind Xiao Du. Each and everyone one of them acted timid and bashful, and they looked more like shy newlywed little wives than Lin Mumu herself.
“You’ve brought meat with you, so come and eat together with us.” In order to alleviate their embarrassment, Lin Mumu generously invited them over for a meal.
“Alright! Sister-in-law, you should try out my barbecuing skill!” These days, during military training, Xiao Dutian was in charge of keeping guard for Lin Mumu while she snuck out to buy snacks, so he had already discovered his sister-in-law had the foodie attribute.
Sure enough, Lin Mumu instantly happily nodded: “Alright, alright.”
Xiao Du barbecued while Lin Mumu insincerely helped him, while in fact she was attentively staring at the meat.
Unfortunately, the other people weren’t in very high spirits.
Because in addition to Xiao Du who knew the relationship between Yun Ting and Lin Mumu, other people also had an idea in mind.
Was the senior official coaxing them like children? How could a female student he’s just met a while ago suddenly turn into his wife? No wonder some female students were actively gossiping out there.
It was said that college students loved freedom and love affairs the most, and that they called their partners husbands and wives while in fact, they weren’t legally married at all. Maybe they would even break up the following day, and casually call others their husbands and wives again.
The senior official was good everywhere no matter how you looked at him, how could he let himself be played by a little female student with his eyes wide open.
The little girl looked very cute and adorable. When her watery eyes landed on someone, it instantly made one fond of her, wasn’t this the type that could make one blindly toss out their reason and fall for her? This kind of little girl should be at school bringing disaster to her male classmates, how could she be here bringing disaster to their senior official?