Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 74.1 - Scattering dog Food (Part 1)

Chapter 74 – Scattering dog Food (Part 1)
(TN: the tittle means strong public display of affection, PDA, or dog food, basically acting loving and intimate in front of single dogs – bachelors.)
In any case, he had already shown them his marriage certificate, so what else did he have to be afraid of?
Yun Ting suddenly remembered that in army’s friendly gatherings, the older soldiers would often hug their wives in public and scatter dog food. At that time, he was extremely envious of those several soldiers.
Now, wasn’t it his turn to scatter dog food for the first time?
Yun Ting seamlessly put his arm on Lin Mumu’s shoulder, and the latter naturally leaned on him.
Lin Mumu’s character was originally open-minded, and she also didn’t feel it was inappropriate. The last few nights, she had already been leaning on Yun Ting to sleep at night as she found his boy especially warm and comfortable.
Yun Ting smoothly embraced Lin Mumu’s shoulders and drew her to his chest, and his expression couldn’t help but ripple with a warm smile.
“Sister-in-law, the candied floss apple is ready, please have a taste it. Be carefully not to scald yourself.” Xiao Gao carefully presented her his offering.
Yun Ting reached out his hand to receive it, and personally blew on it to cool it down for a bit before holding it to Lin Mumu’s mouth to feed her himself.
Towards Yun Ting’s act of feeding her, Lin Mumu had developed a somewhat subconscious habit of opening her mouth and biting whatever food he presented her.
“Young lads, are you envious?” Grandpa Guo really didn’t have a senior’s disposition: “If you’re envious, quickly go get yourselves wives while you’re still young.”
It seemed like they were truly very envious. They suddenly felt like if they pampered a smiling little wife, their lives would be full of sunshine. Just look at Yun Ge, he used to pull a long face all day long, but he was actually smiling right now.
Sister-in-law and Yun Ge were really well-matched!
Previously, they still felt that their senior official was too perfect and too aloof, and that ordinary women simply didn’t deserve him, so only an exceptional woman would be worthy of him. However, he probably didn’t have enough free time to pursue women, so many people thought he would end up single for a lifetime, only waiting for his family to arrange a marriage for hi.
It’s not like there wasn’t a precedent, after all, there was already a lofty Commander Yun guarding the border as an example.
“Sister-in-law, should I tell about Yun Ge’s past stories?” Xiao Du really had a lively character.
“OK, OK!” Lin Mumu hastily nodded her head.