Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 74.2 - Scattering dog Food (Part 2)

Chapter 74 – Scattering dog Food (Part 2)
Yun Ting intervened: “What do you want to hear? I’ll slowly tell you later.”
“That’s different. Your recounting manner is not as eloquent as Xiao Du’s.”
Was she abandoning him while he was right in front of her?
Xiao Du felt Yun Ting’s murderous eyes on himself, so he laughed dryly and quickly said: “Sister-in-law, we’ve already eaten, so we’ll be going first. We have to go back to patrol since we’re responsible for the students’ safety.”
“Oh, all right. Be careful on the road.” Lin Mumu still had some regrets; she wouldn’t be able to hear Xiao Du recount Yun Ting’s old stories today.
“Old men need to go to bed earlier, so I’ll take Dahuang and Erhuang to bed first. You youngsters just go play by yourselves. Before you leave, remember to clean up the kitchen for me.” Grandpa Guo leaved the room and went back to sleep, not forgetting to close the door on his way out.
(TN: Dahuang and Erhang are the names of Grandpa Guo’s two huge dogs.)
Now that everyone had left, only the both of them were left in the room.
Oh, there were also some leftover grilled meat. Lin Mumu and Yun Ting go to work and split the food among themselves before eating together.
“Should I feel honored I was able to grab something to eat right from a foodie’s mouth?” Yun Ting laughed and made fun of Lin Mumu.
“Hmph, you’re different, you have a certificate.” Lin Mumu pointed her finger at Yun Ting’s pocket: “Aren’t you afraid of losing it?”
“I won’t.” Yun Ting shook his head: “Even if I lost, I can still do something about it.”
So that was the reason he was fearlessly walking around while carrying it on him.
“Then why do you need to carry your marriage certificate around?” Lin Mumu didn’t really understand. Her marriage certificate was already carefully hidden in a box at home.
“I want to.” Yun Ting definitely wouldn’t tell Lin Mumu the actual reason was he simply wanted to look at their picture any time he wanted to.
The both of them played around for a while, then they cleaned up the yard and the kitchen before rushing back to the temporary camp near the shooting range.
In the temporary camp, more than a dozen girls live in a single large tent. If Lin Mumu didn’t return, it will certainly cause her unnecessary trouble.
Before, even if he couldn’t touch his little wife, he could at least still see her. But now, not only could he not touch her he couldn’t even see her anymore. Yun Ting was so annoyed he simply decided to personally patrol around the camp.
Fortunately, Lin Mumu had the good habit of waking up at dawn, and she was always the first one to get up, so they could still watch the sunrise together.