Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 75.1 - She has dark circles (Part 1)

Chapter 75 – She has dark circles (Part 1)
There is no time for rest during military training. Even if they were dog-tired the day before, they were still mercilessly woken up by the sharp sound of the instructor’s whistle early next morning. Once they were up, they went through another round of training before having their breakfast.
Lin Mumu was already used to such a life, but others found it extremely unbearable. An Xiaoqin was close to becoming a panda with the tick dark circles around her eyes.
“Xiaoqin, can you still shoot in this state? Be careful you might be replaced by Su Xinlan.” Lin Mumu gave her a friendly reminder.
“Of course I can!” After Su Xinlan’s name was mentioned, An Xiaoqin immediately sobered up and went to the bathroom to wash her face in higher spirits.
“Why didn’t you wash away your dark circles?” Lin Mumu looked at An Xiaoqin’s face in surprise.
“What are you talking about? Where do you see me having dark circles?!” When An Xiaoqin checked herself in the mirror, he was reluctant. “Little fortune teller, are you trying to trick me again?”
“I’m really not, there’s something dark on your face.” Lin Mumu started to wipe the black circles around An Xiaoqin’s eyes, but it was in vain. The black circles around her eyes suddenly turned into red circles.
“How could that be?” Lin Mumu was scared into jumping a bit. She foolishly stared at An Xiaoqin for a while before taking out her cellphone and taking a picture of her.
On the photo, An Xiaoqin was wearing her military uniform, and her complexion was as fair and beautiful as usual. Where could you see any red circles around her eyes?
However, no matter how Lin Mumu looked at An Xiaoqin, the latter’s complexion still appeared to be terrible.
Lin Mumu had a feeling there was something wrong, and her heart had a very restless and uncomfortable feeling. In order to reassure herself, she directly gave her master a call:
“Master, I’m possessed.”
“You’re possessed by that evil demon called Yun Ting!” When Professor Lin Wu heard Lin Mumu’s voice, he instantly got angry.