Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 75.2 - She has dark circles (Part 2)

Chapter 75 – She has dark circles (Part 2)
“Isn’t the matter of my marriage to Yun Ting stubbornly forced by yourself? I’m only a weak woman sold out to a strong man by your own hands. What could I possibly do? ” Lin Mumu mercilessly ridiculed him. “I’m talking about a serious matter. I can see that a girl in my dorm room has red circles around her eyes and an awful complexion.”
“Then you should let her go buy some eye cream?” Professor Lin continued to make fun of his disciples, and didn’t plan on stopping until he thoroughly annoyed her like she usually did to him.
“No, I tried wiping her eyes and it suddenly turned into strange red circles. But when I took a picture with my phone, her face actually appeared very normal, and different from what I can see.
Master, is this what you called the hope of awaking a skill, ah? Did my talent in Taoism suddenly improve?”
“Based on your talent? There’s no way it would suddenly improve like that! I’ll burn incense right now so that your teacher won’t lose face. Tell your classmate not to go anywhere today, I’ll take a look at her later.”
“En. Master, you’re the best! Your comprehension of Taoism is already so profound, you surely can turn misfortune into blessing!” Lin Mumu didn’t forget to give Professor Lin his favorite flatteries.
Professor Lin’s face was solemn when the phone hung up.
“Master, what’s wrong?” Lin Tianlang asked concernedly.
“Your junior sister can now see good and bad luck.”
“Isn’t that a good thing?”
“It’s not!” Professor Lin shook his head, “She didn’t practice Taoism, and won’t be able to see it the way we do. I’m afraid she won’t be able to control and end up receiving the backlash.”
“What’s to be done?”
“Let’s first go take a look at the student she talked about.”
To speak about such a strange matter, Lin Mumu naturally went to a deserted area to call her master. However, when she went back to find An Xiaoqin, she couldn’t find her at their original spot anymore!
“Lin Mumu, why are you still here? The shooting contest has already started. The instructor is looking for you everywhere.”
Shooting contest?
Not good!
Lin Mumu strongly believed in her instinct. What she could see was invisible to others, and the dark and red colors were absolutely not lucky omens. (TN: Good signs of luck.)
Shooting in itself wasn’t dangerous, but guns didn’t have eyes, so accidents could still happen.
Lin Mumu was extremely anxious. She urgently departed from her spot and quickly broke into a mad run towards the shooting range.