Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 77.1 - Because the protective amulet is not there (Part 1)

Chapter 77 – Because the protective amulet is not there (Part 1)
Yun Ting’s chilling voice pierced into the surrounding people’s bones and the whole army instantly got into action.
After such a bid incident, the shooting competition naturally couldn’t proceed. Now, the priority was saving people and investigating to uncover the culprits.
The whole incident may seem simple, but it was definitely deliberate murder.
Using the gunshot sound as a cover, someone hid among the crowd and secretly used a gun to shoot Su Xinlan. The person was very accurate and ruthless as they actually aimed right at Su Xinlan’s heart.
Without Lin Mumu, Su Xinlan would have already turned into a cold corpse by now.
Su Xinlan was extremely frightened, but An Xiaoqin was just as scared as she was.
Because she knew that the target hat the culprits really wanted to kill might actually be her, and the real reason Lin Mumu rushed over was to save her.
For a long while, the atmosphere of the whole shooting range was extremely tense, and a grave ambiance weighted on everyone present.
Even though Yun Ting was worried to death about Lin Mumu’s condition, he quickly gave her to Professor Lin to get her treated. His heart was bursting with anger and he had only one idea in mind – to find the culprit!
The shooter was obviously a professional. He positioned on the other side and used a silencer on his pistol. Furthermore, he specially shot during the competition when everybody was paying attention to the shooting and scores, and even fired at the same time as Su Xinlan to conceal his gunshot and deliver a fatal wound!
The bullet was fired from the direction behind Su Xinlan, so the murderer should be hiding among the team of Yanda’s students. It was just a mystery what the culprits used to block the surrounding people’s sights.
“Assemble!! Head count of every military formation!” Yun Ting coldly ordered.
(TN: This is a military commander which means to gather into a square shaped military formation and do a head count to all present soldiers.)
Such a major event happened during military training, yet, he unexpectedly didn’t try to conceal it in the least. After all, that wasn’t Yun ting’s style of operating.
When meeting with mishap, confront it directly, that was Yun Ting’s style.
Looking for the murder’s weapon and counting personnel, for a long while, the whole training grounds were running around, very busy, and desperately trying to accomplish their tasks.

When Lin Mumu woke up, she was at the temporary hospital in the training camp. She quietly laid in bed, and saw that her right arm was complete wrapped in bandages like a mummy.