Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 78.2 - Nothing to do with gender (Part 2)

Chapter 78 – Nothing to do with gender (Part 2)
But Su Xinlan actually cooked dishes for her by herself and even simmered chicken soup. Lin Mumu couldn’t help but be a little surprised.
Why did she act this way? Didn’t Su Xinlan hate her?
“I’ll feed you, alright?” Su Xinlan proposed.
“Get out! Classmate Su Xinlan, go back to the encampment to continue the investigation.” Yun Ting coldly order.
“Yes.” Su Xinlan resentfully went back.
Lin Mumu’s right arm was injured, so she naturally couldn’t use chopsticks or cutlery, but Yun Ting patiently fed her.
Whatever dish her eyes floated to, Yun Ting’s chopsticks would immediately move to it and feed it to her. They both cooperate silently with tacit understanding.
“This chicken soup is delicious. I didn’t expect Su Xinlan to not only be a talented girl, but also a great cook. It’s just she’s really hard to figure out. Who cares about target shooting, if she would cook for me like this, I’d happily surrender both hands and feet. ” Lin Mumu was so enticed by the delicious food that her eyebrows were curved in delight as she ate.
Fortunately, Su Xinlan was a girl. Otherwise, by being able to cook such tasty food, it’s expected she would really be added to the list of Yun Ting’s love rivals.

By the time Su Xinlan and Chen Fangya returned from delivering Lin Mumu her food, An Xiaoqin finished answering the questions for the investigation.
“Su Xinlan, are you crazy? You wouldn’t have poisoned Lin Mumu’s food, have you? She saved your life!” An Xiaoqin hurried over the moment she heard Su Xinlan cooked for Lin Mumu.
“I haven’t.” Su Xinlan responded faintly.
“Haven’t? Who doesn’t know eldest miss Su is so proud and arrogant that when she learned cooking back then, she arrogantly said: ‘I’m learning cooking but I’m different from you people. I will only cook for the person I love.’ Now, this is interesting.”
“Yes, that’s right. Lin Mumu saved my life, and she’s also very outstanding. I’ll devote my life to her, what’s wrong with it?” Su Xinlan was still as arrogant and haughty as before
“You’re both girls…”
“How narrow-minded. Loving someone has nothing to do with gender.”
“Su Xinlan, are you serious?”
“Of course!”
“You’re sick, aren’t you?! If I had known, I wouldn’t have let you replace me, you’re crazy!” An Xiaoqin was a little scared. Su Xinlan was the top scorer at the college entrance examination in liberal arts. She was indeed a genius, but sometimes, the minds of the gifted worked differently from regular people’s.