Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 79.1 - It’s the arm that’s injured, not the feet (Part 1)

Chapter 79 – It’s the arm that’s injured, not the feet (Part 1)
With regard to Lin Mumu’s gunshot incident, military training was concluded in advance after two days of fruitless investigations for the sake of the students’ safety and to sooth their panic-stricken state of mind.
At sunset, the students once again started their tiring journey downhill. But three girls, Lin Mumu, An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan, didn’t need to tire themselves as they were assigned special escorts.
Lin Mumu was wounded, meanwhiles, An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan were potential targets for the culprit who’s yet to be caught, so they were now under the army’s protection. Therefore, the three girls could freeload on Yun Ting’s military SUV to go downhill.
After organizing the departure of all the other students, Yun Ting personally went to the clinic to carry out Lin Mumu.
Yun Ting was very tall and had a strong and sturdy built, while Lin Mumu’s stature was shorter and more delicate. He held her horizontally in a princess carry as easily as he would hold a child.
Lin Mumu lightly hit Yun Ting’s chest with her left hand: “Let me down! It’ll be bad if we’re seen by outsiders.”
Yun Ting let her hit all she liked but stubbornly refused to relinquish his grip. He simply kept carrying her towards the car while tightly holding her in his arms.
“Yun Ting, stop!” Thinking of Su Xinlan who was an outsider, Lin Mumu started to struggle.
Yun Ting could tighten his embrace to prevent her from slipping while carefully paying attention to not touching her injured arm.
“Yun Ting, I hurt my arm, not my feet! Why can’t I walk!” Lin Mumu was both flustered and exasperated with his behavior.
“I like holding you.” Yun Ting’s deep voice was lower than usual and held some kind of strong repressed emotions repressed which made the little fellow in his embrace instantly quiet down.
He likes to hold her, so just let him hold her.
Lin Mumu blushed furiously and simply buried her red face deeper in Yun Ting’s embrace, obediently letting him hold her all he liked.
People who didn’t know the details of the matters simply thought the student Lin Mumu was seriously injured and haven’t recuperated yet.
Yun Ting’s SUV had three rows of seats. The driver was still Xiao Du, and next to him sat Professor Lin with a solemn expression. Lin Tianlang, Su Xinlan and An Xiaoqin sat together in the second row.