Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 79.2 - It’s the arm that’s injured, not the feet (Part 2)

Chapter 79 – It’s the arm that’s injured, not the feet (Part 2)
Yun Ting carried Lin Mumu to the last row and placed her in a lying position there. Because of the limited number of seats, Lin Mumu’s head could only lie on Yun Ting’s leg.
Professor Lin looked at Lin Mumu through the rearview mirror, snorted, and then continued on pretending to be an enlightened expert.
Yun Ting’s EQ was still good since he actually knew where were Lin Mumu’s vulnerable spots.~
After the vehicle departed, Yun Ting took out a pack of potato chips from who knows where, and Lin Mumu’s eyes instantly shone brightly. Yun Ting silently fed her one piece at a time whenever she liked.
Lin Mumu’s gluttonous nature was completely off the charts. She was so focused on enjoying the potato chips she didn’t realize that, from time to time, she would also lick along Yun Ting’s fingers.
After being licked for the first time, Yun Ting deliberately started pushing the potato chips further in her mouth, so that when Lin Mumu bit the chips, her tongue and lips will always accidentally touch Yun Ting’s fingers.
Yun Ting enjoyed this little game and didn’t tire of it at all, meanwhiles, Lin Mumu was also happily enjoying her food.
However, Su Xinlan suddenly turned around to face them, breaking the tacit understanding between the two.
“Lin Mumu, let’s make up.”
“Ha?” Lin Mumu was stunned for a moment before laughing out: “We originally had no hatred or revenge debts between us, ah. You merely weren’t aware of my achievement, but I also wasn’t aware of your cooking skills. In fact, I especially admire your cooking skills.”
“You foodie! You’re losing face for all our dorm room’s members!” An Xiaoqin shouted angrily.
“Good, you’ve saved my life, so we’re friends who’ve been through life and death. Once we get back, I’ll bring you chicken soup again.”
“Alright. I’m injured, so I will probably take a few days off school. I’ll give you an address later and you can send it to my home.”
“Lin Mumu, can’t you even resist a little? You’re selling yourself just for a few mouthfuls of chicken soup?” An Xiaoqin was really at her wit’s end with Lin Mumu. She even forgot how fearful she was of Yun Ting and directly shouted at Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu playfully stuck out her tongue.
Yun Ting really loved his wife dearly. He sharply glared at the both of them before ordering in an extremely cold voice:
“For the sake of your safety, you two will come to live in my house. I’ll personally pick you to and from school.”