Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 80 - A suddenly lively home (Part 1)

Chapter 80 – A suddenly lively home (Part 1)
“In that case, you’ll be in charge of cooking later!” An Xiaoqin could only resign herself to her fate, and casually threw the cooking responsibility to Su Xinlan. Before turning back, she suddenly thought of something and seriously warned Su Xinlan:
“Major General Yun Ting and our classmate Lin Mumu are married with a real marriage certificate. As a descendant of a military family with the army’s upbringing, you should be aware that wrecking a military marriage is against the law!”
Su Xinlan didn’t bother about An Xiaoqin’s antics, and merely gave her an odd look which cleary expressed “idiot”.
“Rest assured, in my eyes, there’s only a distinction between men and Lin Mumu.”
Yun Ting once again started feeding Lin Mumu, but this time, he switched to grapes instead. Because the grapes were moist and the skin should be spit back, Yun Ting kept holding the grapes while Lin Mumu needed to suck out the juicy pulp inside the skin.
This action was very ambiguous, but Lin Mumu was very carefree and her mind was merely focused on eating the delicious treats. Every time she sucked on the grapes, her moist lips would lick Yun Ting’s fingers, but she was completely unaware of her actions.
Fortunately, they were sitting in the last row of the car. Except for Professor Lin who occasionally looked at them through the rearview mirror, everyone else who sat in front of them tactfully didn’t turn back to avoid being rude.
In the blink of an eye, they already got home.
In order to take care of Lin Mumu more conveniently, Yun Ting invited Aunty Wang who had been waiting on him since childhood. She would come to the courtyard to help with cleaning and buying groceries for cooking. In addition, two more groups of people would live there: The An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan duo, who never stopped bickering with each other, as well as Professor Lin and Lin Tianlang, who painted the perfect picture of an enlightened immortal master and his disciple.
The originally empty courtyard house sudden turned extremely lively and bustling with noise and excitement, and Lin Mumu was unexpectedly a little fond of this kind of feeling.
Yun Ting actually asked her: “You like Su Xinlan’s chicken soup and An Xiaoqin’s roast steak, right?”
“Ha Ha Ha, I like you more, ah.” Lin Mumu couldn’t help laughing out loud, “If I didn’t have you, who would feed me?”
Lin Mumu was injured in her right shoulder, however, the bandages were so thick and extensive her whole right arm from shoulder to elbow turned into a giant white dumplings. She couldn’t more her arm or even her right hand at all, so she completely relied on Yun Ting to feed her.
In reality, Lin Mumu had tried practicing eating with her left hand, but Yun Ting didn’t let her.
Fortunately, Lin Mumu’s left hand wasn’t completely abandoned as she could still use it to water the plants.