Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 80 - A suddenly lively home (Part 2)

Chapter 80 – A suddenly lively home (Part 2)
“Lin Mumu, your orchid is really beautiful. I’ve rarely seen ones with this kind of pretty lilac (light purple) color.” Su Xinlan was very fond of accompanying Lin Mumu to water the plants, even if she was only in charge of carrying the water buckets, she still felt very comfortable. Watering flowers was really an activity that suited talented women.
“If you like it, I can help you divide a sprout from the main flower and grow it out. After a month, you can come back to get it.” Lin Mumu gave the directions while Su Xinlan followed her instructions and arranged the pot and put the soil inside it. Finally, Lin Mumu personally cut a small thumb-sized sprout from the orchid flower and casually planted it into the pot Su Xinlan had arranged.
“Can it really grow like this?” Su Xinlan didn’t believe it could. After al, everyone usually said orchids were very delicate plants, and the rarer their species, the more delicate they would, and thus, the more difficult they would to grow. Su Xinlan was a rich young miss but had never seen that type of orchid before, so it must obviously be a very delicate species.
How could it successfully live and grow with the way Lin Mumu casually pinched and inserted it into the soil?
However, looking at Lin Mumu’s confident expression, Su Xinlan subconsciously believed that little sprout will definitely be able to live and grow successfully.
Su Xinlan’s food was extremely delicious, but it took a lot of time to prepare. Moreover, Su Xinlan was very arrogant and wouldn’t cook for everyone. At most, she would cook occasionally for her life-saver and benefactor, Lin Mumu. Others basically relied on Aunty Wang for the meals.
Aunty Wang was also good at cooking. Lin Mumu endlessly praised her cooking that very evening, and didn’t stop praising whatever she ate. Consequently, whatever Lin Mumu wanted to eat, she would tell Aunty Wang, and the latter would make it the next day.
Lin Mumu wasn’t the least bit polite and asked for several meat dishes in a single breath. (TN: in a single breath meaning in one go, without pause.)
Before Aunty Wang went shopping, Yun Ting unexpectedly told her: “You don’t need to make all these dishes for Lin Mumu. Her wound hasn’t fully recovered yet, so it’s better to prepare more vegetarian dishes for her.”
“But recovery needs nourishing dishes.” Lin Mumu pitifully looked at Yun Ting.
“Is Miss Su’s chicken soup not nourishing enough? Or would you prefer to have meat instead of that soup?”
“Eating is eating, I didn’t say anything.” Lin Mumu reluctantly gritted her teeth and could only aggrievedly bit her chopsticks while pouting her mouth pitifully.
Fortunately, Yun Ting still gave her a small piece of lean meat, and Lin Mumu wasn’t embarrassed and shamelessly opened her mouth to be fed. Based on the foodie’s doctrine and principles, she didn’t need to be embarrassed or throw her little temper in front of tasty dishes.