Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 81.1 - One room and one bed (Part 1)

Chapter 81 – One room and one bed (Part 1)
(TN: From now on I’ll use ‘Siheyuan’ for Yun Ting’s house, it means ‘courtyard house with a fully enclosed courtyard’, and it’s a type of Chinese residence.)
Yun Ting’s Siheyuan was followed a traditional pattern for the rooms and spaces, and he had bought a whole area of several households to occupy it by himself together with Lin Mumu. Therefore, even with the added people, it’s wasn’t crowded at all, and felt more like several small suites.
Yun Ting and Lin Mumu lived in the master bedroom and had their own kitchen. The original traditional house was renovated and some modern equipment was naturally added, such as showers, tap water, and toilets.
After dinner, Yun Ting went into the bathroom to take a bath while Lin Mumu as cozily nestled in the soft bed, distractedly playing games on her mobile phones.
When she heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Lin Mumu suddenly thought of a problem she hadn’t considered before.
They were two, in a single room, with a single bed.
She had never lived this kind of experience.
In her last life, the both of them never stopped quarreling, like hedgehogs who stubbornly refuse to be honest with their feelings and open their hearts to each other. In the end, after so many ups and downs in their forced relationship, they were still able to stay married for ten years. Even Lin Mumu was surprised by their resilience.
Yun Ting took his bath very quickly. By the time Lin Mumu woke up from her trance, he had already come out from the bathroom.
He was completely naked, and only wore a bath towel around his waist, revealing his tight and sturdy muscles and the deep and sexy V line that made one flush in trepidation.
Lin Mumu subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Her husband was so handsome, and had such a good figure, was she a brainless idiot? How come she didn’t cleanly eat him dry earlier?! No, in this lifetime, she must definitely push him down.
Seeing Lin Mumu’s stealing little glances and appreciating his body, Yun Ting was somehow very thankful he had a good figure. As long as she liked it, he would be happy.
Even if he had to fie her in his colors to tie down her heart, he absolutely can’t let his Xiao Mutou leave him and run away with other men.
She already promised to devote her life to him and love him, they already had an agreement. She wasn’t allowed to go back on her word!
Although they used to sleep together back at the training camp, they were mostly leaning on each other in the open air. There was no ambiguous thing such as the big bed they were currently looking at.
Moreover, the sheets and pillows were of a bright auspicious red color, which only increased the ambiguous and awkward atmosphere.
(TN: For those that didn’t know, in Chinese culture, red is often used in celebrations as a lucky and auspicious color. Wedding gowns are red, and so are wedding night bedrooms. From the sheets, to the pillows to the curtains, most articles are red. It’s very ambiguous for newlyweds and hints to sex and intimate nights. You can google pictures.)