Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 81.2 - One room and one bed (Part 2)

Chapter 81 – One room and one bed (Part 2)
Lin Mumu settled herself in the bed and suddenly felt she was a little lacking in confidence.
She’s wasn’t very tall, but more on the thin and delicate frame type. When she buried herself like a ball under the covers, she looked just like a little kitten curling up into a comfortable position.
Yun Ting suddenly felt that his throat was a little dry and parched, somewhat thirsty.
“Why aren’t you lying down?” Lin Mumu looked up from the covers and asked him in a tiny voice.
“Oh, I’ll lie down.” Yun Ting nervously lifted the quilt and went to bed as well.
When he looked at the tender and flushed face of little fellow next to him, he suddenly realized a major issue:
The bed was very big, but it only had one quilt!
Yun Ting had initially let Aunty Wang take care of preparing these kinds of household items. Since she heard that Yun Ting bought this house and intended to live there with his wife after his marriage, she naturally prepared their room according to a couple’s standard.
If Yun Ting raised the issue with Aunty Wang, she would probably answer him like this: “The big bed is good for rolling, and the big quilt is good for sleeping.”
(TN: Rolling (as in the sheets) then sleeping. You can naturally understand the underlying meanings.)
Yun Ting also adhered to this concept, but now, Lin Mumu’s arm was injured and he couldn’t touch it… Really asking for death! Was this actually test of his self-control?!
Yun Ting took a deep breath, and quietly lifted the quilt from his body to completely wrap it around Lin Mumu.
Then, he sat up and leaned against the bedhead while looking at dumpling-Mumu.
Lin Mumu also looked up at him. She angrily pouted her lips while restlessly kicking the quilt: “Yun Ting, you bastard! Do you want to warm me up to death? Hmph!”
Although Beijing was in the north, the weather in September was still pretty hot even at night.
Yun Ting looked at Lin Mumu struggling with the quilt for a while before reluctantly averting his gaze. He regretfully signed and then switched off the lights.
He was afraid that if he looked too much, he really wouldn’t be able to bear it anymore.
After turning off the light, the moonlight shone through the curtains and softly showered the bedroom with its warm radiance. However, even with the little light that came in, the room still felt somewhat dark.
Lin Mumu couldn’t adapt to the darkness and almost subconsciously reached for the man lying beside her.
From her childhood, Lin Mumu had always been afraid of the dark.
Because she was very scared of the dark when she was a child, her Master especially boldly went down the mountain to buy her a teddy bear. They said that the villagers wouldn’t stop laughing at him on his way back, joking that the old Taoist priest still knew how to play with plush toys.
Now that she had no teddy bear to rely on, Lin Mumu could only temporarily hold on Yun Ting as her big teddy bear.
But after taking his bath, Yun Ting didn’t wear any clothes and only covered his waist with a bath towel. His upper body was completely bare.