Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 82.1 - Master returns to the mountain (Part 1)

Chapter 82 – Master returns to the mountain (Part 1)
Lin Mumu wasn’t any better. She was wearing a silk nightgown that Aunty Wang had put in the wardrobe. Her nightgown was too big and slippery, and had already half slipped off her shoulder.
Yun Ting naturally wasn’t like Lin Mumu. He was a well-trained special soldier, so adapting his eyes to the darkness and seeing at a night was a basic skill he’d long mastered.
While looking at Lin Mumu’s fair and smooth uncovered shoulder, he suddenly felt her soft and delicate fingers falling on his firm back. Instantly, Yun Ting couldn’t bear it anymore, and his tensed nerves finally collapsed.
He almost subconsciously looked down at his lower part before looking at Lin Mumu’s small and tender face illuminated by the soft moonlight. He leaned down and held her chin and immediately engaged her in a deep and urgent kiss.
Yun Ting’s kiss was somewhat gentle but also kind of overbearing and full of repressed feelings. He did his best to restrain his feelings so as not to frighten the little girl in his arms. She was so small, delicate, fair and smooth, just like a precious and fragile porcelain doll. He was very afraid of being too rough and accidently breaking her.
Facing Yun Ting’s fierce kissing and tumultuous feelings, Lin Mumu didn’t dodge, but actually hung her arms around his neck and tightly held onto him like a koala.
Lin Mumu’s body was extremely sensitive. Each one of Yun Ting’s fierce kisses made her whole body shiver from pleasure, and soft moans couldn’t help but escape from her mouth.
Yun Ting was really afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep control of himself, so he didn’t dare to continue kissing her or even look at her, so he reluctantly stopped and settled on only held her tightly in his arms.
This night, Lin Mumu slept especially sweetly and comfortably, but Yun Ting’s suffering throughout were truly bitter.
Lin Mumu was a wounded person, so he was really afraid that if they suddenly engaged in fierce exercise, he would hurt her arm. Otherwise, by now, they would have already consummated their marriage.
“Hu!” (TN: Forcefully expelling breath in exasperation.)
Taking advantage of the time that Lin Mumu fell asleep, Yun Ting went into the bathroom to take another cold bath.
Lin Mumu was totally oblivious to her man’s suffering. Yet, Yun Ting actually kept looking for abuse by himself, and when he finished his bath, he couldn’t help but hug her to sleep together, while enduring the bittersweet pain.

After three days of going to the hospital for follow-up treatment, Lin Mumu didn’t go there anymore. She simply relied on Professor Lin for reapplying the medicine and changing the bandages, and giving her needle treatment.