Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 84.1 - I already know (Part 1)

Chapter 84 – I already know (Part 1)
“I already know everything you know.” Yun Ting meaningfully looked at Lin Mumu: “I also know that in three years, there will be a large man-made flood. If you don’t take precautions earlier, your master might use his mysterious Taoist means to suppress it and sacrifice himself the common people. “
How could he know these things? Could it be he was the same as her?
Lin Mumu’s heart was beating loudly in her chest, but she didn’t dare ask to confirm her suspicion. She blankly looked at Yun Ting for a while. Was he the Yun Ting that promised he’d accompany her for a lifetime, or was he that Yun Ting that said he’d meet her on their way to the yellow springs?
“Little fool!” Yun Ting lightly knocked Lin Mumu’s forehead, “What are you thinking about? Be good and go have your meal. You have me here, I won’t let you or your master meet any mishap. “
“En.” Lin Mumu smiled sweetly, but her heart didn’t stop beating loudly. She was thinking about how she could help Yun Ting investigate that mysterious organization.
Since they’ve already worked hard for a lifetime, her master and Yun Ting simply couldn’t have any accident!

In the evening, Lin Mumu discovered a big barrel in their bathroom.
“With your arm injured, it’s inconvenient for you to shower, so I’ve prepared a barrel so that you can take a bath.” Yun Ting simply explained.
Indeed, ever since she hurt her arm, showering was really inconvenient for Lin Mumu as her wound mustn’t get wet. Moreover, she wasn’t able to take a shower since they went up the mountain for the shooting practice, so in total, she hadn’t bathed for six days ~ ~ ~ Even if Yun Ting didn’t dislike her smell, Lin Mumu herself couldn’t bear it anymore.
“Come here.” Yun Ting beckoned Lin Mumu over to his side as he stood next to the barrel.
Lin Mumu nodded, “I’ll go call over An Xiaoqin for help.”
She had barely finished her sentence when Yun Ting pulled her into his arms: “I’ll help you.”
“Ha?” Lin Mumu’s face instantly broke into a furious blush.