Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 85.1 - Blindfold (Part 1)

Chapter 85 – Blindfold (Part 1)
Lin Mumu was at a loss over what to do when she discovered that Yun Ting had actually taken out a piece of gauze out of his pocket and began to wrap his eyes with it.
Lin Mumu blinked in surprise. She didn’t expect Yun Ting to be such a gentleman.
Yun Ting circled the gauze at least five times around his head, to the point that you could hardly see his eyes anymore. Afterwards, he began to undress Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu was a little nervous and quietly cooperated with him while feeling his movements.
When his fingers sometimes accidentally touched her skin, he would instantly take bath his hand as if it had received an electric shock.
Yun Ting was badly suffering at the moment. He doesn’t merely want to bathe with his little wife, but Lin Mumu was still injured. He couldn’t bare to engage her in fierce activity and end up worsening her wound. However, he was afraid that if he kept playing with fire, he really wouldn’t be able to control himself anymore.
Only Lin Mumu could make him lose his self-control like this.
Yun Ting originally wanted to use the gauze to block his vision and avoid getting tempted, but it blocked his sight to the point he couldn’t see clearly anymore while he helped her take off her clothes.
However, the result was even worse than clearly seeing with his own eyes. That indistinct and hazy feeling of being surrounded in dream-like mist, and not being able to see clearly only made him more sensitive and aroused.
“Yun Ting, do you have a fever?” Lin Mumu’s cold and moist hands suddenly touched Yun Ting’s forehead.
This time, the fire was thoroughly ignited. Yun Ting grunted stuffily and urgently pressed Lin Mumu against his chest to lock her in tight embrace. Her face was immediately rubbed against the bare chest that was exposed after he’d just taken off his shirt.
“Boom, Boom, Boom.”
Being so close to his heart, Lin Mumu could clearly hear his strong heartbeats.
This time, Lin Mumu also felt like her throat was parched s a certain thirst assailed her throat. Who let Yun Ting have such a good figure? He was just too sexy.
“Stay there for a while.” Yun Ting released Lin Mumu and immediately turned around to quickly shower with cold water to cool down.
Lin Mumu mischievously stuck out her tongue. She knew that she had successfully ignited his desire. While he was cooling down, she quietly wiped the bubbles off her body with her left hand and played with the bath flowers.