Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 86.1 - Her world is very small (Part 1)

Chapter 86 – Her world is very small (Part 1)
“Master gave me acupuncture, so It’s alright, just don’t press on my arm. ” Lin Mumu’s voice was as soft as a mosquito’s, almost inaudible.
How could Yun Ting not understand such an obvious hint?
He already had a certificate and could finally fulfil his responsibility! Since a while ago, he’d already been incessantly racking his brain in order to eat up his little Xiao Mutou.
How could he feel at ease? He’d only be reassured once he thoroughly ate her up!
Lin Mumu looked up at Yun Ting. In the darkness of the room, only his eyes appeared bright and shimmering, to the point she could even see herself reflected in them.
Her world was very small, and in there, there was only one Yun Ting.
Lin Mumu raised her head and nervously tried to steal a kiss from Yun Ting, but her forehead ended up tragically knocking against his chin instead…
From beginning to end, Yun Ting had been continuously staring at Lin Mumu with a sharp predatory gaze. He was hesitant because he was afraid to frighten her and make her feel aggrieved.
Although Lin Mumu’s initiative was a bit clumsy, it instantly let Yun Ting be clear of her intentions, and finally let him relax his tensed nerves.
He put his arms around the embarrassed head that was about to retreat, and gently engaged her in a soft and lingering kiss that made Lin Mumu feel like a fish out of water, she could hardly breathe but was thoroughly addicted to it.
When he kissed her before, it was always in a sweet and gentle way. However, this time’s kiss was clearly more fierce, overbearing, and full of desire and suppressed strong feelings, which made her all the dizzier and more lightheaded. She felt like such a heated kiss was the prelude to a storm.
Suddenly, Yun Ting turned over to pin her underneath him and kissed her even more fiercely and urgently, as if he wished he could swallow her into his stomach.
Lin Mumu’s face was bright red, she was completely breathless, and her lips were slightly swollen as she greedily opened her mouth to take in big mouthful of fresh air.
Yet, being suffocated in this way also left her with a kind of sweet feeling.
Yun Ting carefully kept some distance between his upper body and her injured arm in order to avoid putting pressure on it.
The sound of torn clothes abruptly sounded in the room as Lin Mumu’s pajamas fell apart. He could finally see her naked body with his own eyes. Although the light was dim at night, he could still make out its beautiful shape and the smooth and tender fair skin.
When the two people were completely combined as one, Yun Ting made sure to make his movements as gentle as possible, while letting Lin Mumu occasionally take her breath and relax. From beginning to end, she tightly held on Yun Ting’s back with her left hand, and her nails unconsciously left red scratches on it.
Sensing her pain, Yun Ting stopped and didn’t dare to move any more. He just carefully kissed her lips, nose and eyes, while letting her relax and adapt to him. He was really afraid of hurting her and tried being as gentle as he could.