Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 87.1 - Did she fall ill? (Part 1)

Chapter 87 – Did she fall ill? (Part 1)
“Yun Ting, I’m so tired.” Lin Mumu’s voice was extremely soft as she expressed her resistance.
“It’s alright. Just lie down and rest.”
Could you have a rest while a storm was happening at the same time?
Unfortunately, she was not as strong as him to put up proper resistance, so she could only let him toss her around as he pleased, continuously floating and sinking like a boat on a turbulent sea, letting the violent waves continuously taking her up and down.
Lin Mumu didn’t know exactly how long it lasted, but the moment that her body was released, she powerlessly laid on bed and felt like the whole world suddenly became quiet.
Lin Mumu was so tired of the arduous activity and went to sleep to rest for a while. She slept soundly until noon.
In the kitchen, Su Xinlan, who had stewed Lin Mumu’s favorite medicinal chicken soup, had her face and neck red in anger as she quarreled with Yun Ting:
“Lin Mumu usually gets up very early to run in the morning while watching the sunrise. She didn’t get up to run this morning nor did she eat breakfast today. Did the wound suddenly get inflamed?
If the wound is inflamed, it should be treated as soon as possible! Don’t block he way, let me go in to see her! How could you big and rough men know how to properly take care of people!”
One had to admit, Su Xinlan sure had guts to dare to challenge Major General Yun!
Yun Ting was stubbornly guarding the door. There was still some ambiguity in their room. Although he had properly cleaned Lin Mumu’s body, the lustful smell in the room hadn’t completely dispersed, and there was still his fragrance on her.
Moreover, there was also Lin Tianlang beside Su Xinlan. Yun Ting absolutely refused to let his little wife’s alluring appearance after a spring night to be seen by other men.
Also, Yun Ting was reluctant to wake up Lin Mumu. Last night, during their first time, he couldn’t restrain himself and ended up tossing her a few more times than he should have. It was normal for Lin Mumu to sleep in a bit to rest.
Luckily, it was at this time that Yun Ting heard a few sounds from inside the room. Lin Mumu should have woken up. He took the chicken soup from Su Xinlan’s hands and pushed the door to go inside.
Su Xinlan and An Xiaoqin both wanted to go in and have a look at Lin Mumu, but Yun Ting ruthlessly slammed the door shut right after he went in.