Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 87.2 - Did she fall ill? (Part 2)

Chapter 87 – Did she fall ill? (Part 2)
“What are they doing? Why are they acting this mysterious, as if we’re trying to visit a prisoner! If Yun Ting wasn’t really good to Lin Mumu, I would really believe he’s hiding something bad from us. ” Ever since Su Xinlan had been saved by Lin Mumu, she was acting as if she was possessed. All day long, her mouth was only full of thoughts and talks about Lin Mumu.
An Xiaoqin sneered at her: “Yun Ting is not being good to Lin Mumu, and won’t let her get off bed or let us check on her, how pitiful indeed! Since you’re trying to repay Lin Mumu’s lifesaving favor, how about you suffer hardships in her stead? “
“Then, you’re not worried at all? Senior Lin, Professor Lin asked you to take care of Lin Mumu before he left. Aren’t you going to check on her?”
“What checking on her? Are you really as stupid as you look? Can’t you guess Lin Mumu and the senior official probably rounded the room last night?” An Xiaoqin was in a good mood and teasingly hinted her with eyes full of gossip. (TN: Round the room means to have sex between a married couple.)
Hearing the words “round the room”, Su Xinlan finally understood why Lin Mumu couldn’t get out of bed.
How embarrassing!
But they were husband and wife, so it seems like that was normal and to be expected.
Lin Mumu was awakened by their voices. When she heard what An Xiaoqin said behind the door, she simply became a turtle and refused to get up from bed. (TN: become a turtle means to be a person who refuses to face reality or confront a problem, either by physically hiding or playing deaf.)
But she still thought about wearing her pajamas again by herself, because she knew that the current Yun Ting was just like a hungry predator. If she didn’t wear any clothes, he would definitely toss with her on bed until dinner time.
Yun Ting glanced at Lin Mumu’s pajamas and chuckled mirthfully, but he didn’t comment on it. He just put his arm around her shoulder and carefully fed her the chicken soup mouthful by mouthful.
After drinking a few spoons, Lin Mumu’s big appetite was instantly stimulated and she felt very hungry.
“Yun Ting, help me with my hair. I’m going out for a meal.”
“En.” Yun Ting was used to picking up Lin Mumu’s comb on the dresser, and combing her soft and smooth black hair that felt like precious silk.
Last night, it was these same hair threads that charmingly entwined with his arms as they combined together as one. Now that he was combing Lin Mumu’s hair, Yun Ting felt like his throat was somewhat parched again.