Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 86.2 - Her world is very small (Part 2)

Chapter 86 – Her world is very small (Part 2)
It was only when he felt the little fellow wriggling uneasily in his embrace that he continued his action while slowly making his movement more and more intense.
Lin Mumu was breathless as she softly called out his name:
“Yun Ting, Yun Ting.”
Yun Ting loved this feeling. He never thought his name could be called out this sweetly.
In order to hear more soft and sweet words from her, Yun Ting made even more efforts to pleasure her.
Lin Mumu merely felt herself floating and sinking intermittently in his world as he slowly brought her into a deep whirlpool of intense love and desire.
Lin Mumu felt like her life was finally complete, she was finally his little wife for a lifetime. From now on, they would be closely connected to each other, and nothing would separate them anymore.
Yun Ting was indeed a special soldier. His physical strength and stamina were far different from that of ordinary people. Even if Lin Mumu had been cultivating herself and exercising regularly, she couldn’t bear his continuous thrusting and was so tired she ended up simply laying limply in his arms.
Yun Ting gently put his arms around her and quietly thought about the fierce battle they engaged in a moment ago. He felt it was so wonderful he almost forgot himself in happiness.
The little fellow cozily curled up in his arms and fell asleep, softly snoring like a lazy little kitten.
This feeling of real possession completely filled Yun Ting’s heart and made it overflowing with bliss. His happiness was so strong it felt like his heart could burst at any moment, so he could only gently rub his little darling in his embrace again and again to share his extreme satisfaction with her.
After the first intense storm, they seemed to be already familiar with each other’s rhythms.
Following the natural instinct of her body, Lin Mumu tightly held onto Yun Ting’s back with her left hand. With the rhythm of each trust, as he went in and out of her, she continued to softly call out his name again and again in a seductive and provocative manner.
When they both reached the summit again, Lin Mumu could only smell the fragrance of blooming chestnut flowers drifting in the room before completely falling unconscious.
This time, Yun Ting was really afraid of hurting her, so he didn’t dare play with fire anymore. He contentedly held the little fellow in his arms, and from time to time, he simply dropped gentle kisses on Lin Mumu’s nose and eyebrows.
Lin Mumu was really tired. She could only sense Yun Ting’s familiar fragrance before falling asleep.
However, Yun Ting couldn’t sleep at all. When the early morning light came in the room, Lin Mumu had barely opened her eyes when he asked her again for another round.
Lin Mumu desperately tried to suppress the moans coming from her mouth. Fortunately, each courtyard was relatively independent and had good sound insulation. Even if someone got up early, they wouldn’t hear their voices.