Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 88.2 - Almost infuriated to death (Part 2)

Chapter 88 – Almost infuriated to death (Part 2)
At this moment, Yun Ting abruptly came while holding a coat. He carefully placed it on Lin Mumu’s shoulders and didn’t even bother about lifting his head while ordering in a cold voice:
“Get out!”
“Second brother ~” Yun Ruoshan instantly made her voice soft and sticky to call out to him.
“Get out of here!” Yun Ting’s voice held obvious traces of anger.
Yun Ruoshan quickly broke into tears, but still refused to leave, and just kept on pitifully talking:
“Second brother, would you really ignore my life and death for this vicious and venomous woman? She’s not as simple as you think, she-“
Without waiting for Yun Ruoshan to finish her sentence, Yun Ting roughly picked her up by the collar and carried her all the way out of the house. He angrily glanced at Su Xinlan and An Xiaoqin:
“This is an important recuperation time for Mumu. Don’t randomly open the door to strangers if you don’t want to die.” Yun Ting harshly warned them, but he still threw his army swiss knife to break the doorbell.
The innocent doorbell merely made one last sound of protest before resigning to its fate.
After today, his doorbell won’t ring again, and their world could finally be a little quiet.
“So handsome!” An Xiaoqin held her face and exclaimed: “Yun Ting is really more handsome than my brother. The evaluation is finished! From today on, I have changed idols. No one is allowed to speak ill of my idol!”
“Humph, what a vulgar woman. From the age of twelve, you’ve been continuously changing idols every year.” Su Xinlan didn’t forget to casually expose her little act.
“How much better do you think you are? Don’t you also change your idols every year? “
“Of course not, I didn’t have any idols before. But from today on, my only idol is Lin Mumu, and this won’t change for at least ten years. Humph! “
By the time Su Xinlan and An Xiaoqin were finished bickering, Lin Mumu had obediently returned to her bedroom to wear a new T-shirt and a pair of jeans, without forgetting to put on a thin coat to cover the dazzling crime scene on her neck, chest and arms.
“It’s all your fault, biting around like a dog!” Lin Mumu blankly stared at Yun Ting. After the two of them thoroughly became husband and wife last night, their relationship instantly improved one step further.