Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 89.1 - Earning money to raise a foodie (Part 1)

Chapter 89 – Earning money to raise a foodie (Part 1)
“Do you want to have roasted duck?” Yun Ting didn’t retort to her complain, but cleverly understood how to subtly shift the topic.
“Yes, yes!” When it came to foods she liked, Lin Mumu could really forget anything unrelated. She liked to eat, so she was especially easy to coax. ~
“En, you can dress up, let’s go to Quandeji for roast duck this evening. Invite your classmates to come as well, they’ve prepared food for you so many times, you should invite them back to thank them. ” Yun Ting estimated that he would only be willing to talk this much to Lin Mumu.
“But I don’t have money.” Lin Mumu mischievously blinked at him with a beaming smile.
“You’re still complaining about poverty when I already gave you a card? You little money grubber. ” Yun Ting helplessly scratched Lin Mumu’s nose: “Don’t worry, it’s my treat.”
“So you still have money at hand?” Lin Mumu asked this question, but she already knew the answer. However, she still ‘worriedly’ looked at Yun Ting from top to bottom and said: “You’re a soldier, how could you have so much money? Didn’t you already give me your pay card? “
Yun Ting was amused by Lin Mumu’s appearance: “Who said that soldiers can’t have money? How can I afford to feed my little foodie wife if I don’t make enough money? “
“Humph! You’re the foodie!”
“Right, I only eat you.” Yun Ting closed in and whispered in Lin Mumu’s ear.
Feeling the heat emanating from his lips, a tingling feeling assaulted Lin Mumu’s sense and she hurriedly stepped back to avoid the ambiguous atmosphere: “Master left me two pots of particularly delicate orchids. I have to look after them and raise them well, buying these pots of young seedlings cost him a lot of money. “
“En, I’ll help you with the water.”
“Ah, no need. Let Su Xinlan help me instead.” Lin Mumu didn’t need him to help her water the flowers, she must absolutely avoid that greedy wolf. If she fell into Yun Ting’s hands again, it was estimated that Quandeji’s roasted duck would go down the drain.
Lin Mumu was thoroughly a dedicated foodie. She had absolutely no resistance to new and delicious things that she’d never tried before.
In her past life, she unfortunately never had the chance to taste Beijing’s authentic roasted duck. How could she miss the opportunity that presented itself today?