Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 88.1 - Almost infuriated to death (Part 1)

Chapter 88 – Almost infuriated to death (Part 1)
Feeling Yun Ting’s abnormal state, Lin Mumu quickly left the room, almost running out for her dear life.
Fortunately, there was no one in the living room. But Su Xinlan still carefully left several dishes prepared for her on the dining table.
A moment ago, several people were making a ruckus at the door of Lin Mumu’s house. They were incessantly ringing the doorbell of a long while but no one had paid attention to them.
When An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan heard the doorbell, they almost rushed to open the door at the same time. They were really enemies that liked to fight about anything and everything.
Even opening the door was no exception.
Right as An Xiaoqin opened the door and saw the woman’s face, she didn’t get the time to react before the visitor rushed into the main hall and started shouting:
“Second brother! Second brother!”
Lin Mumu had barely eaten two mouthfuls of vegetable congee when she heard the voice and looked to the woman who just rushed in.
Lin Mumu didn’t expect to meet Yun Ruoshan again this early. Didn’t she suddenly turn crazy?
Ordinary doctors couldn’t possibly cure that kind of illness at all, even Lin Tianlang wouldn’t be able to. Only Professor Lin or Lin Mumu could turn her back to normal.
Now that Yun Ruoshan was cured, it proved that she really had an influent person with superior means behind her. Lin Mumu had better pay more attention to this seemingly normal young lady.
Seeing Lin Mumu’s appearance, Yun Ruoshan gave her a deathly glare and almost vomited blood on the spot.
The pajamas Lin Mumu was wearing were still torn on the neckline, as if showing the scene of what happened the previous night.
Even if one didn’t pay attention to that torn part, the bright red spots on Lin Mumu’s neck and collarbone were very blinding. It was hard to miss such obvious kiss bites left after a certain intense exercise.
If Yun Ruoshan wasn’t stupid, she could naturally understand what happened to Lin Mumu.
“Lin Mumu, how more shameless can you get?! You dare to come out this way!” Just looking at Lin Mumu, Yun Ruoshan was almost going crazy from jealousy.
“This is my house, I can come out however I like to.” Lin Mumu also felt her get up was somewhat improper, but she absolutely wouldn’t show any weakness in front of Yun Ruoshan.