Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 90.1 - Little muddle-headed version (Part 1)

Chapter 90 – Little muddle-headed version (Part 1)
Yun Ruoshan tried making her voice the most charming possible as she told Yun ting in a pitiful voice:
“Second brother, the Taoist nun Lin Mumu is too strange. She actually cursed me when I was still in military training, and I was haunted by ghost to the point I turned crazy. Fortunately, my father later asked priest Jueming to do something to save my life.
Second, you must also be bewitched by her bizarre means. Like the ancient times’ Su Daji, she cats spell to bewitch men. If you don’t believe me, you can ask priest Jueming, he can tell you whether I’m really crazy. “
“He who never wrongs other isn’t afraid of ghosts knock at his door.” Yun Ting angrily stared at Yun Ruoshan: “Don’t talk about how you have no blood relationship with me, even if you were my father’s illegitimate daughter, I wouldn’t recognize such a wicked sister.”
“I, I’m not! Second brother, don’t listen to the fox spirit Lin Mumu’s nonsense. She was jealous of our good relationship, so she deliberately bullied and suppressed me. “
“If she really did, you actually were a little useful.” Yun Ting snorted, “Get out of my sight, or I’ll call the security guard and ask him to throw you out.”
“I’ll go by myself.” Yun Ruoshan sadly looked at Yun Ting with an aggrieved expression. She looked as if she was struggling to death as she finally said: “Second brother, I’ve liked you since I was seven years old. I don’t care about status, just let me accompany you and I’ll be happy as long as I can stay by your side. I’ll do anything for you, anything! “
The only answer Yun Ruoshan got was the ruthless sound of the door being closed right at her face.
However, she wasn’t resigned yet, and refused to leave again, so she stubbornly sat at Yun Ting’s doorstep and didn’t budge.
The street in front Yun Ting’s house was very calm and quiet. Although it was close to the two famous schools of Huada and Yanda, it was located in a discreet alley, so unless you went to the main street, you wouldn’t hear any noise. Yun Ruoshan didn’t try to hide her presence, but no one passed by there so no one saw her.
However, a moment later, a group of guards came to stand guard at the entrance of the house. When they saw Yun Ruoshan, they strongly invited her to leave.
When Yun Ting returned to the yard, Lin Mumu just pretended to water the flowers, as if she hadn’t just been eavesdropping on them.