Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 91.1 - Worse than a beast (Part 1)

Chapter 91 – Worse than a beast (Part 1)

(TN: ‘Worse than a beast’ is an insult to someone who behaves immorally, usually sexually.)
In the evening, Yun Ting personally drove Lin Mumu, Lin Tianlang, An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan to Qiandeji for dinner.
Only Lin Tianlang, who was male, sat in the passenger seat, and the three girls squeezed together at the back whispering to each other.
Su Xinlan sincerely reminded Lin Mumu: “Lin Mumu, you’re so young and still injured, moreover, your constitution is very frail and delicate, don’t let him bully you! Otherwise, you can come and sleep with me tonight. I don’t want your injury to worsen, you have to obediently wait for your wound to be completely treated, or else, it might leave unwanted after-effects.”
“Ah, I don’t need to.” Lin Mumu’s face was already thoroughly red. She didn’t want to carefully discuss this kind of topic about Yun Ting with Su Xinlan. Her wound was perfectly fine because he didn’t touch it at all when they were together.
Unfortunately, Su Xinlan was a little too passionate and continued relentlessly: “Did you properly use contraception? You’re only eighteen, it’s not good for your health if you get pregnant this early. “
En, this, Lin Mumu really didn’t think about. She’ll just ask Yun Ting later.
Right at this moment, Lin Mumu’s mobile phone rang, and notified her she just received a text message.
She opened the message and instantly read a single sentence: “You’re now in the safe period.”
She didn’t need to read the sender’s name; it was naturally Yun Ting.
This guy really liked to control everything.
The three girls were closely sitting together. Su Xinlan was right next to Lin Mumu and slightly taller than her, so she could naturally see the text message as soon as she looked down on her phone.
Looking at Su Xinlan’s strange gaze, Lin Mumu suddenly felt like her phone was very hot, and she wished she could immediately throw it away.
Yun Ting, that bastard!
All the way to Quandeji, everyone sat in an awkward silence. However, thanks to the delicious roasted duck, the dinner table quickly became lively again.
Lin Mumu’s foodie heart was very big, just by tasting the delicious roasted duck, she could instantly forget about any awkward situation.
“Hey, Lin Mumu, look over there, do you think it’s Yun Ruoshan? The girl by her side look very crude. ” Su Xinlan wanted to maintain her figure and refused to touch the greasy roast duck. During diner, her eyes kept glancing around, and she inadvertently discovered Yun Ruoshan sitting several tables away from them.