Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 92.1 - We're childhood sweetheart (Part 1)

Chapter 92 – We’re childhood sweetheart (Part 1)

Lin Mumu playfully stuck out her tongue and run away to the washroom.
Yun Ting’s eyes had been on Lin Mumu all along, but when she disappeared from his sight, they fell on Sun Xiaomei.
Suddenly, Yun Ruoshan pulled Sun Xiaomei over to their table. The latter’s manner was extremely exaggerated, and the moment she saw An Xiaoqin, she instantly made a loud bang as she knelt in front of her right then and there in public.
“Miss An, I know it’s my fault. I’m a poor student from the countryside who has no background. I shouldn’t have snatched your man. I also later found out that baster Duan Hailiang was such a double-faced man and played both of us at the same time. “
Duan Hailiang was An Xiaoqin’s first love. Although he wasn’t born in a distinguished family, he was tall, handsome, had a good figure, and a cheerfully character. He belonged to that type of men that most of girls liked.
Although An Xiaoqin had a strong temper, she was extremely disappointed with Duan Hailiang after she caught him in the act with another woman. However, he was still her first love, so she couldn’t just stop liking him because she said she wouldn’t anymore.
But what made An Xiaoqin the most upset was that she, who was a proud and mighty rich young miss, praised as beautiful and talented since very young, was actually the one being dumped by a man.
Now that Sun Xiaomei was kneeling in front of her, An Xiaoqin unexpectedly felt like she rode a tiger and found it hard to get off.
(TN: in a situation where it’s hard to stop halfway you’re carried by the momentum.)
Forgive her? Why?!
Not forgiving her? She was already kneeling this unsightly on public.
Su Xinlan sarcastically asked An Xiaoqin: “So your boyfriend has been having sex with other people yet you’ve only found out in college?”
Although Su Xinlan and An Xiaoqin always quarreled when they met each other on weekdays, they were classmates that went to the same primary school, the same junior high school, the same senior high school and were in the same class thought their studying. They were genuine ‘childhood enemies’ that quarreled with each other since they were young.
Sun Xiaomei suddenly began to cry loudly while explaining: “Duan Hailiang and I are from the same village. I’m five years younger than him and we grew up together. Three years ago, we promised each other to marry in the countryside and spend the rest of our lives together.