Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 93.1 - Luring the tiger from its domain in the mountain (Part 1)

Chapter 93 – Luring the tiger from its domain in the mountain (Part 1)
(TN: the title is an idiom meaning to lure an enemy away from his advantageous territory.)
Once it came to speaking this way, there was no more room for arguing.
Sun Xiaomei’s acting skill was so high and so pity inducing that she could easily poison the facts between Duan Hailiang and An Xiaoqin.
The surrounding crowd also watched the show and sympathized with Sun Xiaomei. They could only say that Duan Hailiang was a bastard, after all, An Xiaoqin was also a victim.
Sun Xiaomei really appeared to be desperate for her loved man. After An Xiaoqin left, she turned her head and knelt towards Yun Ting and kowtowed to him.
“I’ve met you before, you were the chief during our military training, so you must be a senior official, right? I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with miss An, but I beg you to open your heart and have the kindness to save my man.
Duan Ge joined the army when he was 15 years old. Now he’s 24 years old, and his family house is full of military awards. I heard that he became a policeman and maintained the public order of the imperial capital. Our whole village is extremely proud of him.
Duan Ge is a good man. He couldn’t possibly commit attempted rape, miss An is the daughter of a prominent person in the capital, it’s too easy for her to straighten out common people like us. Duan Ge must have been framed! Respected just and incorruptible official, I beg of you, give justice to us common people!” Sun Xiaomei knelt down and wept while begging. One ad to say, she was indeed pretty eloquent.
From beginning to end, Yun Ting had always been staring at Sun Xiaomei’s act. This girl was really not simple. At this moment, she has easily attracted many people to watch her kneel, and could still explain herself in a clear and orderly way. She also understood the concepts of mind manipulation, first weakening the crime, and then using the common identity of a vulnerable group to explain herself while modestly and pitifully seeking mercy.
This Sun Xiaomei was far from a little girl without experience, let alone an ordinary rural girl. Even a girl like An Xiaoqin who grew up in an official’s family didn’t have such eloquence.