Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 94.1 - The man disguised as a woman (Part 1)

Chapter 94 – The man disguised as a woman (Part 1)
The cabins were pretty well equipped, and the bathroom was clean and tidy. However, there were no mirrors inside, so you had to go out of the cabin to look at the mirror.
Just when Lin Mumu finished washing her hands, she suddenly felt a gush of wind coming from behind her head.
This is bad, she was plotted against!
Lin Mumu didn’t dare being careless. She was shorter than her assailant, so after crouching to avoid the attack from behind, she quickly opened the door of the cabin to run away.
Unfortunately, she didn’t know when, but the door of the bathroom was blocked from the outside. Lin Mumu could currently only use her left arm as her right arm was injured. Now that the door was locked in such a strange way, she couldn’t open it at all.
Suddenly, Lin Mumu heard a loud ‘bang’. Just now, a mop almost hit her head. After Lin Mumu dodged, it hit the basin instead and made a loud noise.
Lin Mumu’s face was ghastly pale as she leaned against the door. She could now see the attacker. It was a big man dressed like a middle-aged woman wearing a cleaning uniform. How can no one find out such a big and strong middle-aged cleaning woman?
The man’s hands were enormous and his breath was steady. Just now, he had barely used all of his strength. Lin Mumu could easily tell that with her small body and little strength, she wasn’t his opponent at all.
Currently, there wasn’t anyone else in the bathroom, only the both of them. Moreover, the door was still locked from the outside.
Seeing Lin Mumu dodging his first attack, the man was obviously stunned for a moment, but he quickly smiled sarcastically, and without speaking a word, he slowly approached Lin Mumu with his clenched fists.
He could see that Lin Mumu was merely a weak woman, so he didn’t intend on using his gun. It seemed like he could easily catch her alive.
This was good news!
Had he used his gun, the bullets were simply too fast for Lin Mumu to dodge.
“Don’t be afraid, we won’t kill you, after all, you’re a precious treasure. If Major General Yun knew that his little wife had been sold by us to a brothel to receive guests every day, I wonder what expression he would have.” The man’s voice was cold and very menacing.