Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 94.2 - The man disguised as a woman (Part 2)

Chapter 94 – The man disguised as a woman (Part 2)
Lin Mumu tightly pursed her lips and quietly leaned against the door. She looked at the man silently without refuting a word or even asking anything.
Compared to the other party’s tall and strong built, Lin Mumu looked especially thin and pitiful.
The man found amusing to catch hopeless mice like a ferocious cat. He wrung his neck with a sneer and kept approaching his prey.
Seeing that his fingers are about to touch her collar in order to lift her up, Lin Mumu’s left hand suddenly pressed on his arm. Then, like a gust of wind, she ran towards a toilet cabin and locked herself inside.
The man’s arm felt somewhat strange, and his brain response suddenly slowed down as he foolishly stood looking at Lin Mumu as she dodged and locked herself in a cabin. He was utterly shocked by the little girl’s fast move.
His right wrist felt extremely painful, but he didn’t know what it was. It was also this sudden pain that distracted him and let made him miss the chance to catch Lin Mumu.
However, this wouldn’t kill him. The payment was refundable, and the amount he would get if he was successful was extremely high.
Although there were independent cabins in the bathroom, their doors were made of extremely thin wood, which was just intended for protecting people’s privacy, and not for defending against attacks.
Lin Mumu was standing against the door to let hold a bit longer, but the moment he started kicking it, her position became very dangerous.
Lin Mumu wasn’t in a good posture all now. She was directly facing the reaction force of the man kicking the door, and the feeling was just like she was being beaten up by someone while wearing a thick dress. No matter the protection, she still received most of the force behind every kick.
However, she didn’t dare move away. If she did, everything would be over.
She quickly rummaged through her bag and took out her phone to dial Yun Ting’s number, but no one answered.
“Yun Ting!”
Desperate, Lin Mumu simply shouted Yun Ting’s name at the top of her lungs.