Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 95.1 - Close your eyes (Part 1)

Chapter 95 – Close your eyes (Part 1)

Although she felt like it was most unlikely he would actually hear her desperate shouting, she unexpectedly heard the sound of the bathroom door being knocked open!
After two powerful pushes against the door, Lin Mumu was surprised to see Yun Ting appear before her in the bathroom.
However, before she could excitedly shout in happiness, she suddenly felt a cold and sharp blade against her neck.
Just now, when the bathroom door was knocked down by Yun Ting, Lin Mumu turned around and heaved a sigh of relief while relaxing her attention, so she momentarily forgot to maintain her posture against the door, and the thin door of the small cubicle was also knocked down by the assailant.
The force behind the man’s kick and the door panel instantly came pressing down on Lin Mumu, and the huge impact was so strong it made her want to spit blood on the spot.
It hurt. It hurt so much she felt it was difficult to even make a sound, and the blood accumulated in her chest was uncomfortably making way to her throat.
How could Lin Mumu endure such grievances? Normally, she would have quickly spat the blood and relieved the ache in her chest.
However, her master had warned her before that her blood was different from that of ordinary people. She couldn’t casually let herself bleed, because once it started, it would be difficulty to stop it.
So even if Lin Mumu was suffering, she should swallow the blood threatening to spill out of her throat, grit her teeth and bear the pain with eyes teary eyes.
Yun Ting was here. She firmly believed that without having to do anything herself, Yun Ting could definitely save her. Therefore, Lin Mumu merely kept her little face serious and expressionless, and didn’t say a word while quietly watching Yun Ting dealing with the situation.
After being cheated by Lin Mumu and having his attack dodged twice, the man’s reaction became faster. The first thing he did once he saw Lin Mumu was to take her hostage with a knife against her neck.
“Lin Mumu, close your eyes.” Yun Ting suddenly opened his mouth and solemnly ordered.
Lin Mumu didn’t even reply and obediently closed her eyes.
The next moment, Lin Mumu could only feel a drop of scalding blood dripping on her neck, and the thick liquid on her skin felt especially burning. However, before she could feel the following pain, she had already fallen into the familiar arms of Yun Ting, and was locked in a tight embrace.
Lin Mumu was leaning against his chest, and could clearly hear Yun Ting’s heart beating extremely fast.