Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 95.2 - Close your eyes (Part 2)

Chapter 95 – Close your eyes (Part 2)

Was he nervous? Was he scared?
When the Lin Mumu opened her eyes again, she found out that her assailant had already fallen to the ground with his eyes closed, and wasn’t moving anymore.
However, Yun Ting’s hand was still bleeding. The burning blood Lin Mumu had just felt on her neck was actually Yun Ting’s.
Initially, Lin Mumu thought that he would take out his gun and accurately shoot the attacker to death, so she didn’t think much before closing her eyes.
But it turned out that wasn’t the case
If Lin Mumu’s safety was on the line, Yun Ting was too afraid to make the slightest bet.
He didn’t want anything bad to happen, and absolutely wouldn’t let it happen.
Therefore, Yun Ting would rather use his own hand to forcibly grasp the man’s sharp dagger to prevent Lin Mumu from being injured, and then throw a knife of his own to his neck to quickly deal with him.
It was actually a forced rescue!
He wanted both Lin Mumu, and the enemy’s life.
Lin Mumu had been seriously hit by the force behind the door plank just now, and she felt like her bones were almost scattered. At this moment, she didn’t care about the fear after going through such an experience or the pain she felt, and directly cried while holding Yun Ting’s injured hand.
“Silly girl, I’m fine.” Regardless of his injury, Yun Ting tore a piece of gauze from the bandage of Lin Mumu’s right arm and carefully wiped the blood splashes on her face.
Lin Mumu also took out a small bottle from her and quickly sprinkled a green powder on Yun Ting’s wound before clumsily wrapping it for him.
“This is?” Yun Ting curiously looked at the green powder. The hemostasis effect was amazing, and it had a little anti-inflammatory effect as well so the wound didn’t burn much.
“Yun Nan Bai Yao.” Lin Mumu calmly answered without lifting her head from his hand.
Since when was Yun Nan Bai Yao green? It was obviously a lie, but he didn’t expose her.
Yun Ting just watched Lin Mumu clumsily bandage his wound with her only available one hand, and he appeared a little distracted.
“If you want it, I’ll give it to you.” Lin Mumu only sprinkled a little of the powder on Yun Ting’s wound, and there was still quite a bit left in the small bottle. She still gave Yun Ting a small explanation:
“It’s a special wound medicine made in our mountain. It’s more effective than ordinary medicine, and the hemostasis and anti-inflammatory effect are also better. You can use it from now, and your injuries will heal much faster.”