Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 97.1 - I want to go back (Part 1)

Chapter 97 – I want to go back (Part 1)
Yun Ting steadily carried Lin Mumu to the car before carefully placing her on the seat. Instead of personally sending her home, he decided to entrust her to Lin Tianlang.
After all, he was most relieved and confident about Lin Tianlang’s ability.
However, he paid special attention to carefully wrap her in his coat so that she wouldn’t get cold on the way home.
Once the car started and Yun Ting was nowhere to be seen, Lin Mumu quickly became vigorous again and started curiously asking about what happened in the restaurant’s hall between An Xiaoqin and Su Xinlan.
After listening to the narration of her two friends, Lin Mumu finally understood that today’s matter wasn’t an accident but actually a scheme planned by Sun Xiaomei and Yun Ruoshan.
However, Lin Mumu wasn’t someone who easily forgot grievances and bullying.
Suddenly, she raised her head and looked at them: “I want to go back to be a witness, are you guys afraid? “
“I’m not afraid! That Sun Xiaomei disgusted me to death!” An Xiaoqin immediately retorted.
“People with big boobs and no brains are not afraid, how could I will be afraid?” Su Xinlan also jumped in.
“Good.” Lin Mumu turned her head and solemnly looked at Lin Tianlang with a grave expression: “Senior brother, let’s go back to Quandeji. I have already married Yun Ting, and I have no reason to leave my husband alone in the face of danger while I escape to safety.”
“I’m just in charge of protecting you.” Lin Tianlang unconcernedly shrugged his shoulders and continued to drive home.
“Very well.” Lin Mumu calmly nodded and began to tear her right sleeve to uncover the thick white bandages underneath: “I’ll just call the master and tell him you tore my clothes!”
An Xiaoqin immediately seconded: “Yes, we can testify, we’ve also seen it.”
“There’s still some blood on Lin Mumu’s body, did you also injure her? Maybe we should actually call Yun Ting first before your master? ” Su Xinlan thoughtfully helped Lin Mumu pull off her coat.
“Stop, stop, stop! Little grand aunts, please stop! Should I just take you back there? ” Lin Tianlang’s weakness was his master’s wrath, and what his master cared the most about was naturally his most precious little disciple Lin Mumu.
If Lin Mumu really called him to tell him he tore her clothes, Lin Tianlang estimated that he would either be expelled from his master’s tutelage, or sent to Africa by his master to practice Taoism for ten or twenty years.