Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 97.2 - I want to go back (Part 2)

Chapter 97 – I want to go back (Part 2)
Moreover, Lin Tianlang was actually also on Lin Mumu’s side and adhered to her way of thinking. The disciples of their San Qing temple were very strong and never stopped preaching about feelings and righteousness.
As a girl, it was reasonable to be afraid of danger and expect to be protected. However, Lin Mumu wasn’t afraid and actually wanted to go back to help Yun Ting. This was also about feelings and righteousness. Since it was a good thing, why should he stop it?
Moreover, there was still Yun Ting on site, so Lin Mumu’s shouldn’t be harmed any more. Otherwise, he should really suggest to his master to provide him with a flower protector for his little junior sister.
(TN: He means a guardian to her chastity, someone to protect girls’ reputation.)

Lin Mumu’s divination skills were mediocre at best, but she still had a strong premonition ability.
At this moment, she had this nagging feeling that Yun Ting would encounter some trouble, so she relentlessly insisted on going back.
Once they got back to Quandeji and got off the car, they immediately saw a big crowd gathered in front of the restaurant.
“Comrades of the police, please help us! My brother was wounded by the soldiers! They ruthlessly injured him and want to take him away. In Beijing, is there no more justice for us common people?!”
Sun Xiaomei’s cry sounded from afar, and more and more people gathered around the gate of Quandeji when they heard the noise. Several police cars and military cars were parked in front of each other and formed a spectacular confrontation.
The restaurant manager of Quandeji was completely helpless: “Well, do you think there’s a misunderstanding somewhere? You said that he tried to assassinate some female student, but no one was actually hurt. We’re just a small restaurant, I don’t know where we offended this military gentleman. I’ll excuse your table from the bill, can you please let us go? “
The restaurant manager was also an unscrupulous businessman, and merely wanted to patch up the quarrel and keep the peace. Yun Ting said that there was an assassination attempt, but he thought that he just wanted to eat free of charge.
Yun Ting’s face was completely cold. Regardless of the noise and disturbance everyone was making around, his oppressive bearing didn’t decrease in the least. Perhaps the only thing that affected him was another equally outstanding handsome young man in a police uniform standing in front of him.