Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 98.2 - Who can’t pretend to be pitiful? (Part 2)

Chapter 98 – Who can’t pretend to be pitiful? (Part 2)

Acting pitiful? Who couldn’t do it?
Lin Mumu bitterly talked about her experience while opening the coat and revealing her bandaged left arm. The layer of gauze was so thick the flesh was barely visible, and there were even some dried blood stains on her clothes and bandages.
At first glance, it looked like a freshly bandaged bleeding arm. In reality, the blood stains merely stained her clothes and gauze while she was helping Yun Ting clumsily bandage his hand. But now, she could successfully use it to gather pitiful stares and empathy.
After all, China was still a country that attached great importance to public opinion. If Sun Xiaomei continued to pretend to be pitiful and Yun Ting ruthlessly took people away without justifying himself, he would inevitably encounter some problems later. And as if the situation wasn’t bad enough, An Mingxuan just had to butt in and make it worse.
The first thing he did wasn’t to arrest the criminal, but actual stand up against Yun Ting to fight over jurisdiction. Neither side relented and neither let the other take the person away, which eventually led to Sun Xiaomei having enough time to play her little drama of bitterness and act pitiful.
Now, the situation evolved to the point it became awkward for the both sides. Not to arrest the convict? Impossible! But because of the continuous chattering of that Sun Xiaomei, arresting him forcibly would also lead to another problem all together.
Originally, An Mingxuan also asked Yun Ting if he could call back the injured person, but Yun Ting strongly opposed it.
Now that Lin Mumu came back by herself, she immediately pretended to be pitiful by acting vulnerable along her little group of fellow female students, and simply muddled through the waters according to Sun Xiaomei’s speech.
Suddenly, Lin Mumu rushed to Sun Xiaomei and yelled: “Sun Xiaomei, it’s An Xiaoqin who went to the hotel to catch you in the act, not me! We mercifully decide not to publicize your affair in school, yet, why did you ask someone to assassinate me?!”