Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 100.2 - Gracefully blocking her mouth (Part 2)

Chapter 100 – Gracefully blocking her mouth (Part 2)
Seeing that several people got on the police car, Yun Ting no longer tangled with An Mingxuan about the ownership of the case, but warned seriously:
“Since your police station is going to pick up this case, you can take them away. But if these three people are lost or let go from your police station, don’t blame me for turning my face and not recognizing people.” Yun Ting coldly spoke his mind to An Mingxuan before calmly pulling Lin Mumu’s little hand to lead her away.
“As a victim in this matter, classmate Lin Mumu also needs to cooperate with our police station for investigations.” Seeing them leaving, An Mingxuan quickly reached out to stop Yun Ting.
“Did you not see her bleeding wound? She should go to the hospital first for treatment and rest.” Yun Ting and An Mingxuan glared at each other, and their eyes suppressed a certain anger and dangerous feeling.
If it wasn’t for the victim being Lin Mumu, it was estimated that An Mingxuan wouldn’t stop people from leaving. He has been a SWAT officer for many years and had always been kind to victims, especially the girls.
“All right. Lin Mumu, I’ll call you later to investigate more.” An Mingxuan gracefully shrugged his shoulders and warmly smiled at Lin Mumu.
“Alright.” Lin Mumu politely nodded in response.
Yun Ting just looked at their interaction quietly with a taut face. An Mingxuan’s face looked serious and hard-working. But in Yun Ting’s eyes, it all appeared as a disguise, he merely wanted to find an opportunity to call his little wife, that treacherous guy!
An Xiaoqin bit her lips and suddenly stood in front of Lin Mumu, and solemnly opened her mouth:
“Officer An, I was also present at the time of the incident. I suspect Sun Xiaomei and Yun Ruoshan deliberately delayed us and Major General Yun so that the murderer had enough time to commit the crime. I can help you with the investigation.
What about you, Su Xinlan? “
“I can testify as well.” Su Xinlan solemnly nodded as well.
The injured Lin Mumu actually dared to strip Sun Xiaomei’s clothe to expose her abnormal relationship with the criminals.
If even she could be so courageous, how could they continue to be cowardly? Both of them were proud and bold women who took their matters into their own hands. After overcoming the first fear, who was still afraid of whom?