Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 101.1 - Next time, don’t bother like that (Part 1)

Chapter 101 – Next time, don’t bother like that (Part 1)

“Senior brother, please go with them. I’m afraid the police won’t be able to restrain Sun Xiaomei until the station.” Before leaving with Yun Ting, Lin Mumu suddenly asked Lin Tianlang.
“Sun Xiaomei? Is there anything wrong with her?” Previously, Lin Tianlang didn’t find out anything wrong about Sun Xiaomei, however, did feel like she wasn’t an ordinary person like she pretended to be.
“I’m sure that with senior brother’s ability, as long as you get closer to her, you’ll find out.” Lin Mumu playfully winked at him before begin directly pulled into the car by Yun Ting.
After such a request, Lin Tianlang became somehow curious. What was he supposed to find out the moment he approached her? He was quite curious about this, but since Lin Mumu didn’t say anything more, he would just have fun by finding out by himself.
In any case, junior sister’s safety was guaranteed since she was now with Yun Ting, and if Sun Xiaomei really had some abnormal means, he couldn’t just sit back while she hurt ordinary people.
The car they got in was still Yun Ting’s black AD. However, he didn’t drive himself, but called over Xiao Du, the lively little soldier Lin Mumu was familiar with, to drive them home. Meanwhiles, Yun Ting comfortably sat in the back seat next to his Lin Mumu.
Just as Lin Mumu got in the car, she instantly felt the obviously lower pressure and intimidating cold aura of Yun Ting. He neither talked or laughed, and his face had a frozen solemn expression, stoic and grave, and cold as ice. The atmosphere in the car also got colder because of Yun Tin’s low pressure.
“Yun Ting.” Lin Mumu childishly shook Yun Ting’s arm.
However, Yun Ting merely ignored her, and just continued to act as the ice God, without speaking a word.
Lin Mumu blinked mischievously and leaned her head on Yun Ting’s shoulder while saying softly: “Yun Ting, I feel so dizzy and my head feels heavy. I feel like everything is spinning around me. Am I going to die?”
After whining, she felt that his eyes finally fell on her. His cold and slender fingers pinched her chin, and he coldly looked at her right in the eyes.
Facing his gaze, Lin Mumu felt inexplicable guilty, and somehow felt like bowing her head and retreating a little. However, he suddenly pulled her into his arms and locked her into a tight embrace while holding her face in place, and quietly gazing into her eyes with the same intimidating aura.