Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 72.2 - Girls that can eat well can nurture well (Part 2)

Chapter 72 – Girls that can eat well can nurture well (Part 2)
“Are you afraid?” Lin Mumu provocatively looked into Yun Ting’s eyes with a sparkling and expecting expression.
“Not afraid.”
“En, I’m not afraid either.”
“But you’re still too small. It’s not the right time to have a baby, it might affect your health.”
“Where am I small?!”
Yun Ting came closer and bit Lin Mumu’s ear before leaving her with a low whisper: “Wife, don’t worry, even if we can’t have children for the moment, we can still consummate our marriage.”
Lin Mumu’s face exploded into a deep blush that spread all the way to her ears. She shouted angrily: “I didn’t mean that!”
However, at this moment, Yun Ting took out his trump card: “The lamb leg had finished roasting.”
“Wow! Give Grandpa Guo a piece first.”
“En, good girl.”
“The rest is all mine.”
“…” Yun Ting was speechless. He really underestimated Lin Mumu’s eating capacity.
Lin Mumu was also merely joking. After all, Yun Ting specially brought her to accompany grandpa Guo for a meal, even if she was a foodie, she couldn’t possibly grab everything and leave grandpa Guo with not food to eat.
Originally, Grandpa Guo was also a marksmanship expert. But because of his leg injury, he retreated from the army.
Later, he married his wife who gave birth to their son. They both raised that child painstakingly until he was eighteen years old and finally joined the army. However, three years later, before he had time to marry a wife of his own and give birth to a grandson, he died on a mission.
Grandpa Guo’s wife couldn’t stand the blow and her heart grew weaker until she died of a heart attack on the very same year.
Afterwards, Grandpa Guo refused to marry again, and since then, he has been guarding the deep mountains alone with his two dogs. As a hobby, he even planted and took care of the orchard Lin Mumu had seen previously.
Grandpa Guo was a hero for the people. Yun Ting and the other army’s people also respected him greatly. When Lin Mumu listened to Yun Ting recounting his story, she also respected him very much.
The three people were pleasantly eating together when suddenly, a few small soldiers brought meat and wine to grandpa Guo’s orchard. They actually wanted to take the opportunity of being present on site to accompany grandpa Guo to chat and eat, because they didn’t know if they’ll have another chance next time.
However, what they didn’t expect was, once they arrived, they actually encountered Yun Ting and Lin Mumu there, happily eating and chatting with grandpa Guo.
The senior official was very close to that earlier female student, moreover, they were also ambiguously leaning on each other while eating from the same piece of barbecued meat. Their mouths were eating so closely it seemed like they would touch anytime.
This this this …
Wasn’t this kind of thing a big issue in the army usually preceded by a major event?!
The little soldiers were a little embarrassed. Should they act as if they hadn’t seen it or admit they actually saw it? What should they say when they met face to face and were asked what they saw?
How should we properly react to bumping into the senior official in the middle of adultery?!