Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 101.2 - Next time, don’t bother like that (Part 2)

Chapter 101 – Next time, don’t bother like that (Part 2)

It was obviously him giving her the cold shoulder and coldly looking at her, how could Lin Mumu end up the first to feel guilty? Lin Mumu knew that the current Yun Ting must be angry with her, and refused to go home until she admitted her mistake.
However, Lin Mumu didn’t feel that she did anything wrong, so she instantly pouted her little lips in an equally angry way. How could he not immediately understand what she did?
Suddenly, Lin Mumu’s gaze swept over his bandaged hand, and her heart instantly softened. Just a few moments ago, in order to avoid hurt her in the least, this man fearlessly caught a sharp blade barehanded.
If not for the fact that the cruel gangster was only threatening her with the knife and didn’t dare apply too much force on her neck because he was afraid of accidently killing her, maybe the hand that Yun Ting used to block the knife for Lin Mumu would already be cut off at this moment.
He really saved her life, how could she be angry with him merely giving her a cold face?
However, that didn’t mean Lin Mumu would simply admit to her mistakes. After all, she had a better way to deal with Yun Ting.
“Yun Ting, I’m really upset.” Lin Mumu instantly used her unique skill and made her voice deliberately softer and more tender, and also sounding a little pitiful:
“Earlier, that door panel hit me really hard, but my blood was still boiling in the course of event and I didn’t feel the pain, but now, I can’t bear it anymore. You, Wuwu…!” Lin Mumu had barely started playing coquettish, but she abruptly couldn’t go on anymore!
Yun Ting, this guy, he actually kissed her in the car! Don’t you see the driver right in front of them?!
Lin Mumu’s face instantly became red in shame and she quickly reached out trying to push him away.
“Next time, don’t bother like that, just kiss me.” After sucking on her lips for a few minutes, Yun Ting retreated a few millimeters away from her face and said a few words.
Satisfied with her blushing face and resentful glare, Yun Ting’s lips finally curled up into a smile, and he immediately leaned over again into another passionate kiss, making Lin Mumu’s lips thoroughly swollen.
No matter how Lin Mumu pushed him away with her uninjured hand, Yun Ting just kept tightening his hug all the more, and kissing her deeper and deeper. Nobody knew that in his heart, he was afraid. He was afraid that if he let her go, he would lose her.