Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 102.1 - Blood loss (Part 1)

Chapter 102 – Blood loss (Part 1)

Lin Mumu only felt like the sky and earth were spinning around her, and that her body suddenly turned inexplicably soft and powerless. She could no longer produce an ounce of strength, let alone push him away.
She even felt like her mind was overcome with a strange numbness, which seemed like a pleasant electric shock that brought her into a wonderful vortex of sensations. Every inch of her body was telling her to let him do as he pleased.
Lin Mumu resignedly closed her eyes, and her soft and long lashes gently brushed against Yun Ting’s face, seeming as if they were directly tickling his heart.
Her cooperation was the greatest affirmation and encouragement to him, and the frozen layer on Yun Ting’s face finally melted into a soft puddle of water. All that could be read on his face instead were his deep and unchanging feelings. And his emotions seemed as if they had all melted in his sensual kiss to directly communicate with her through her lips and teeth.
The car had already arrived to the gate of the courtyard house, but Xiao Du didn’t dare make a peep to remind the people behind. In the end, he could just drive continuously in the alley around the house, slowly and steadily, and then come back, slowly and steadily.
The temperature in the car kept rising inexplicably, and Lin Mumu’s whole world felt soft and dizzy. The strange feelings were invading all her senses and corroding her thoughts to the point she felt like she was losing all control.
However, the more she lost control of her body, the more Lin Mumu couldn’t control the uncomfortable feeling pressing against her heart, and she abruptly spew out a mouthful of blood.
The bright red blood instantly splashed on Yun Ting’s green army shirt like a bright rose in full bloom.
“Xiao Mutou, Xiao Mutou!”
Yun Ting immediately panicked. He hurriedly held the fainting Lin Mumu to anxiously look at her face.
However, all he could see was her pale complexion and bloodless face that looked as white as paper.
She had just spewed a mouthful of blood, but it looked as it that was enough to take her life.
Xiao Du immediately stopped the car, and Yun Ting didn’t wait for him to park before powerfully pushing the door open and jumping out with Lin Mumu in his arms.
Professor Lin had previously told him that Lin Mumu couldn’t casually go to the hospital because of her special physique, moreover, her blood shouldn’t be drawn and she can’t easily bleed or be operated on, or else, her life would be in danger.