Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 102.2 - Blood loss (Part 2)

Chapter 102 – Blood loss (Part 2)
According to the words of her master, Lin Mumu can’t shed blood. However, didn’t he already hurt her yesterday when they were being intimate?
No wonder that even when he had obviously been very gentle, and restrained himself from exerting too much strength, her body still ended up being badly worn out. Her constitution was better than that of ordinary women, so she should have been capable to easily cope with that kind of activity for a few times. Yet, she actually looked sickly and even slept until noon to wake up with a slightly place complexion.
Damn it!
Yun Ting angrily shook his head. It was his carelessness that put Lin Mumu in danger. Knowing she was already so weak and fragile, he shouldn’t have taken her out immediately.
He shouldn’t have believed the words of such a foodie! Thinking about the delicious food, Lin Mumu would obviously not say anything about her discomfort. If only he had thought about it earlier, things wouldn’t have escalated to the present situation.
If he hadn’t been focusing on Sun Xiaomei’s act earlier to get some clues, he also wouldn’t have let her get hurt again.
Furthermore, he also forcibly kissed her later in the car, causing all her injuries to recur in one breath.
He wanted to protect her badly, but he found out that he actually didn’t know her as well as he thought.
He knew that she was different from ordinary people, but he didn’t know where she was different. He was even ignorant of the fact that she couldn’t bleed casually.
The bright red blood flower on Yun Ting’s shirt gradually changed into a rich green color in the sun, and instantly started emitting a fragrant and energizing smell.
The smell was somewhat similar to the powder Lin Mumu had given him, but the fragrance was much stronger.
He finally understood what happened five years ago. When he was saved by Priest Lin, the old Taoist priest who had been shot in the heart was bound to die, but he actually didn’t. Instead, Lin Mumu was the one to be sick for some time after that.
At that time, he had also lamented that China’s inheritance was extensive and profound, and that the enlightened Taoist priest was worthy of being a powerful expert in Taoism. However, he now understood that Lin Wu’s life wasn’t saved thanks to being an immortal Taoist, but rather, it was thanks to Lin Mumu sacrificing herself in order to save her master.