Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 104.1 - Give me the clothes (Part 1)

Chapter 104 – Give me the clothes (Part 1)
“So your heart’s blood is green?” Yun ting asked again pointing to his clothes.
Lin Mumu promptly explained again: “This time is different, this is detoxification. Have you never read martial arts novels? When someone sustains sever internal injuries, they would use internal powerful power to expel the blood that contains residues of poison, and they will then recover.”
“So I can’t help and I’m supposed to just watch as you detoxify the poison?” Yun Ting’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as he stared at Lin Mumu.
Just a moment ago, her complexion was still as white as paper. Yet, her complexion was now ruddy and healthy, and she was also lively and vigorous. Could lying in the hospital for a few days even compare with such efficacity? How many more pleasant surprises would his Xiao Mutou give him?
He naturally welcomed this kind of practical ability. After all, Lin Mumu just spit out some blood and was able to recover both her internal injuries and the arm that she had been awkwardly dragging along for a while.
“En, en, en, this is our Taoism’s magical powers. You can’t learn it.” Lin Mumu knew that this time, she might have seriously frightened Yun Ting, so she quickly nodded and gave herself an excuse.
In fact, it seemed like it was really true that both Lin Mumu and Professor Lin were afraid of her bleeding, so under the former congestion she really felt very uncomfortable for a long while. However, once she spit the impure blood, she felt a lot lighter and healthier.
“Ah, that’s right! Give me your clothes!” Lin Mumu greedily stared at the stain on Yun Ting’s chest like a hungry wolf.
“If you want it, take it off yourself.” Yun Ting casually replied, but his lips had discreetly curled upward into a teasing arc.
“Oh.” Lin Mumu didn’t think too much about it. Her heart’s blood was very precious and it didn’t come easily, so she would definitely take this opportunity to soak the shirt in water and recuperate the blood to mix it into medicine.
Her heart’s blood was different from the blood in the rest of her body. Her arms and legs for example would bleed red just like any other parson, and it wouldn’t turn green at all. Only the blood from her heart blood would change colors and have special proprieties, however, the quantity was extremely small so Lin Mumu was unwilling to give up the slightest drop. She also couldn’t casually retrieve it on ordinary days because it not only hurt to death, but it would also be harmful to her vitality.