Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 104.2 - Give me the clothes (Part 2)

Chapter 104 – Give me the clothes (Part 2)
The bottle of green powder in Yun Ting’s hands was precisely made from the little blood left from saving her master five years ago, which she had made according to the prescription of an old Taoist priest’s hemostatic powder prescription. A whole bottle of medicine was made just with a few drops of blood.
But now that she had so much blood available, she would definitely be able to make a lot more powder. Just thinking about it, Lin Mumu felt ecstatic, and the pain she felt previously due to her injuries was almost completely forgotten.
As for the fact that the dust on the clothes would also end up being part of the medicine, Lin Mumu didn’t care about it too much. Anyways, this medicine wouldn’t be for her own use.
Moreover, medicine was taken to cure diseases and save lives, so who would pay attention to such little details?
Lin Mumu’s thought were completely focused on recovering her green blood on Yun Ting’s shirt, and she didn’t notice the subtle changes on his expression.
When Lin Mumu’s hand fell on every button of Yun Ting’s shirt, her soft and slender fingers would inevitably touch the skin on his chest as she unbuttoned his shirt.
Yun Ting’s skin was naturally not as white as Lin Mumu’s. It was a healthy bronze tone with a slight attractive luster. This kind of skin was obviously the result of continuous hard work and training, and the seductive color gave his body the aspect of the perfectly combination between strength and beauty.
Lin Mumu quietly accomplished her task and didn’t notice the burning flame in Yun Ting’s eyes. She simply kept going until she untied his last button and earnestly wanted to take off his shirt like a cute little wife, she said:
“Move your arms, else, how am I supposed to take it off?”
“Alright, I’ll let you take it off.”
As he said, Yun Ting obediently raised his arms.
En, this was much more convenient for her.
However, Lin Mumu had barely taken off his clothes when Yun Ting snatched the shirt from her hands, and she was immediately pulled into his familiar and warm embrace.
Before even reaching the water basin to soak in the clothes, Lin Mumu ended up being robbed by someone.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Lin Mumu angrily hit Yun Ting’s chest with her fists in protest, however, not to mention his chest’s and abdominal muscles were very tight and strong, their elasticity was also top notch. She couldn’t help but hit him a few times before stopping to admire the alluring sight in front of her eyes.
Her little movements completely satisfied Yun Ting’s vanity, at least this meant she appreciated his body.
Afterwards, no matter how much noise Lin Mumu made, Yun Ting just kept tightly holding her in his embrace until they reached the bedroom.