Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 107.1 - In front of me, you’d better tone it down (Part 1)

Chapter 107 – In front of me, you’d better tone it down (Part 1)
Lin Mumu said: “To live is to be in motion, beautiful lady, you’re always sitting in a car, your long swan legs might just turn into elephant legs.” (TN: The first part is a saying “life is motion” which means to live is to exercise.)
“Run, run! Bring it on! ” Su Xinlan was instantly aroused by Lin Mumu’s sentence and really started running with her towards Yanda.
Lin Mumu’s house was only ten minutes away from Yanda by bike, but Su Xinlan’s physical strength wasn’t too good. Lin Mumu also couldn’t run too fast, so they could only reach Yanda in less than half an hour.
Poor Su Xinlan ran until Yanda and thoroughly became a tired dog. Once she reached the school, she immediately leaned on the to take in big gulps of air. Lin Mumu, in contrast, was still full of energy, as if she had just come down from the nearby dormitory.
“How long can you run?” Su Xinlan wasn’t reconciled.
“At this speed, at least ten hours.”
Just as they were talking, a red BMW sports car harshly stopped by the school gate. When the door opened, Yun Ruoshan arrogantly stepped down from the car on her 12-inch-tall high heels. She proudly held up her head and slowly walked towards Su Xinlan:
“Look at your current state, really a mess. Is this our number one liberal arts scholar in China?”
“What mess?” Su Xinlan shrugged: “I’m being close to nature by getting up in the morning for exercise. I’m a female student from Yanda, so I naturally should also promote the student’s fitness.”
Yun Ruoshan was still thinking of what else she could say when Sun Xiaomei got off the same car. However, she had barely taken a step outside when she suddenly fainted. Lin Mumu ‘kindly’ held her to stop her falling and asked:
“Classmate, are you carsick?”
“Lin Mumu, what sinister tricks are you playing again?!” Yun Ruoshan urgently looked at Sun Xiaomei.
Her face had abruptly turned as white as paper and her complexion looked very bad as she resentfully stared at Lin Mumu.
Just now, Lin Mumu had silently put her hand on her shoulder before leaving a sentence in her ear:
“I don’t care where you come from. In front of me, you’d better tone it down, or else, I don’t mind getting rid of the troublesome people myself.”