Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 107.2 - In front of me, you’d better tone it down (Part 2)

Chapter 107 – In front of me, you’d better tone it down (Part 2)
Sun Xiaomei tried maneuvering that thing on her body in order to play Lin Mumu to death, but to her horror, she found out that the trump card she was so proud of suddenly didn’t react anymore!
Of course, it wasn’t a natural disaster, but rather a man-made disaster.
And the only one close to her who had a chance to do it was Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu seemed to be so weak, yet, she was actually more powerful than Lin Tianlang, a young Taoist expert?!
Sun Xiaomei cultivated the mysterious Taoist technique of raising poisonous insects. Although she looked like a charming little girl, there was actually a living colorful poisonous spider in her body. Once it was released, the consequences were terrible.
Yesterday, Sun Xiaomei and Lin Tianlang secretly fought together. Although Lin Tianlang had the upper hand, he still failed to get rid of that thing in Sun Xiaomei’s body, and could only temporarily imprison it.
But when Lin Mumu saw Sun Xiaomei today, the first thing she did was to actually kill the colorful spider in her body.
Fortunately, since Sun Xiaomei was still an apprentice, the spider that was given to her by the elders wasn’t the legendary life bug, otherwise, Sun Xiaomei would have really died this time.
But nonetheless, Sun Xiaomei had personally raised that spider with her own blood for a long period of time, and had already formed a tacit understanding with it.
So now that the colorful spider was dead, she almost followed along. Her body felt extremely weak all over, and her legs were completely soft and instable. Her situation was much worse than simply being carsick.
But what scared Sun Xiaomei the most was actually Lin Mumu. She didn’t give her any hints or leads, and her spider was very well hidden and impossible to discover easily. Yet, Lin Mumu had merely patted her shoulder and was able to instantly kill her poisonous spider? How did she do it?!
She still remembered yesterday’s confrontation with Lin Tianlang. She was a prisoner in custody, and Lin Tianlang could only use some mysterious chanting for half a day. She resisted for a while before spitting out a mouthful of blood to feed the colorful spider, and let the little thing hide well to avoid being robbed.
For this reason, Sun Xiaomei had proudly called her hometown as soon as she was released.
This time, it was awful. She had barely stepped into school but she was already fricking played by Lin Mumu.