Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 108.2 - I’ll help you take her to the infirmary (Part 2)

Chapter 108 – I’ll help you take her to the infirmary (Part 2)
By the time they arrived at infirmary, Sun Xiaomei had completely fainted, and a colorful dead spider smoothly and discreetly fell into Lin Tianlang’s sleeve.

When Lin Mumu finished her morning classes, she decided to go to the bamboo tower to take care of the plants her master had entrusted her before leaving. However, Lin Tianlang intercepted her at the entrance and invited her over to have a cup of tea and chat.
In a small glass jar on the table, the colorful spider Lin Tianlang had retrieved from Sun Xiaomei was quietly lying, motionless. Its body was still completely intact, apparently not yet sliced up for research.
“How did you do it?” Lin Tianlang’s curiosity had long reached its peak.
“Go and ask Master, he was the one who passed me all his secret skills and techniques.”
“Ha ha.” Lin Tianlang laughed dryly and stopped asking, not wanting to talk to her anymore.
Even if Master teaches you his secret skills and techniques, you first have to be able to learn it. With your innate skill, you would first infuriate master to death before he can teach you anything.
Lin Mumu also didn’t care whether Lin Tianlang believed her or not, anyway, she was just casually making up a random excuse.
When the tea was ready, she quickly took the cup he was handing her. Without fear of being scalded, she hurriedly drained the whole cup in one big gulp. And after quenching her thirst, she didn’t forget to delightfully smack her lips.
“Senior Brother, give me a few Jins of this tea leaves.” (TN: Jin is a weight unit measure, also means catty, 1 Jin equals around 500g.)
“A few Jins?!” At this point, Lin Tianlang finally understood the master’s ‘Hating he couldn’t beat up Classmate Lin Mumu to death’ frame of mind. In his whole collection, he at most only had a few Jins of two good quality high grade tea leaves, one of which they were drinking at the moment, and this much was already considered pretty good. How many Jins did the little girl think he had? Did she believe good tea leaves were sold in the market like cabbage?
“Here you go.” Lin Tianlang, like Professor Lin, was very generous when it came to Lin Mumu. He casually found a small box of tea and handed it to her
“This is Tianhang’s most famous green tea, but I can also give it to you as a reward for your meritorious contribution. Look, the peony you brought back to life the last time was exchanged by the old fellow for these tea leaves.”
“Eh.” Learning of the tea leaves’ origin, Lin Mumu suddenly felt some inexplicable helplessness.