Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 109.1 - hen Fangya’s heart’s little spring (Part 1)

Chapter 109 – Chen Fangya’s heart’s little spring (Part 1)
(TN: The tittle means the spring of the heart, as in the coming of love.)
Seeing Lin Mumu’s tangled expression, Lin Tianlang’s heart finally felt less stifled, and contentedly shifted the topic towards Gu Shu witchcraft.
“I’ve heard before that there were still some mysterious Gu Shu techniques in Yun Province that had existed there since a long time ago, but I didn’t expect it to be true.”
Lin Tianlang poked the jar containing the dead spider and sighed: “Although this thing is quite weak, Sun Xiaomei is only 18 or 19 years old, and achieving this at her age is already pretty good.”
“No one manages it?” Lin Mumu asked curiously.
Gu Shu is a kind of witchcraft that raises poisonous insects that can harm and control people. However, it wasn’t a practice that could casually see the light of day. Anyone who was found out practicing it would inevitably be beaten to death.
Nowadays, modern science was more and more developed, and Taoism, Buddhism and traditional medicine were becoming the ancient cultural heritage that the majority didn’t trust anymore. Even if they were still somewhat supported and protected by the state, their inheritance was becoming less and less prominent in today’s society. So how could a target of scorn and dislike like Gu Su possibly still exist peacefully instead?
In her past life, Lin Mumu had heard her master mention this kind of thing before, but she didn’t expect to meet it so soon in this life.
While they were studying the mysterious spider in the glass jar, they suddenly heard someone loudly shouting downstairs:
“Senior Lin, Lin Mumu, I’ve brought lunch for you guys!”
“Is It Classmate Chen Fangya? Quickly come up.” Lin Tianlang took back the poisonous spider to hide it while kindly inviting her in.
Although this bamboo tower was considered a teaching building, in fact, it was mostly used as Professor Lin’s private area for him, Lin Tianlang and Lin Mumu.
Generally, students wouldn’t come here if they didn’t have a specific purpose. And even if they did, they would first shout downstairs like Chen Fangya did, in order to prevent disturbing the teacher and Senior who were occupying the building.
With Lin Tianlang’s permission, Chen Fangya cheerfully began to climb the stairs.
In her arms, she was carrying several food boxes, obviously buying not only Lin Mumu and Lin Tianlang’s but also her own share of lunch.
The dishes she brought were more than enough for the three people enjoy.
“Senior Lin, I heard that you liked fish the most. I went to the cafeteria and ordered braised fish for you.” Chen Fangya enthusiastically set the dish on the table in front of Lin Tianlang.