Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 109.2 - Chen Fangya’s heart’s little spring (Part 2)

Chapter 109 – Chen Fangya’s heart’s little spring (Part 2)
“Many thanks.” Lin Tianlang was a little absent-minded, still thinking about the topic he had just discussed with Lin Mumu. How can they destroy the Gu Shu? Why did Lin Mumu that Jack of all trades suddenly seem more powerful than him, a Taoist genius?
En, today, Lin Mumu not only irritated Sun Xiaomei, but Lin Tianlang as well.
“Senior Lin, eat a little more. Today’s stir-fried vegetables taste quite good.”
“Senior Lin, would you like more soup?”
“Senior Lin, I’ll pour some water for you.”
Chen Fangya originally had a lively and talkative character, and Lin Tianlang was still being absent-minded so he didn’t think her behavior was particularly inappropriate.
It was unexpectedly Lin Mumu who noticed there was something wrong first, although she had only just recently been enlightened by Yun Ting and had just a bit more of understanding regarding feelings.
Seeing Chen Fangya acting this way, it was obvious she was quite captivated by Lin Tianlang.
The problem is, didn’t only meet and interact together a few times? Didn’t she have a better relationship with her good friend Zhou Qiang who had helped her out of trouble before military training? When did she fall in love with Lin Tianlang? Other than his good-looks, Lin Tianlang didn’t have any other attractive traits that girls would be fond of, did he?
Lin Mumu thought so much she felt like she was having a big headache for a while. Despite Chen Fangya’s lively and cheerful character, once an idea had drilled itself into her head, she was the strong-headed type that absolutely wouldn’t change her mind no matter what.
Lin Mumu could only take Chen Fangya’s fish: “Xiao Nigu, you really know me well and know that I love fish. He he, I just hurt my hand a few days ago so I couldn’t have as many fish as I liked. I was tortured to death by Yun Ting who kept restricting my food. So now, this fish is mine, you’re not allowed to snatch it from me!”
“Xiao Nigu, do you want to listen to the follow-up gossip of An Xiaoqin’s love rival kneeling and kowtowing to her while apologizing? It was a wonderful scene.”
“I’m listening! Speak, speak!”
The two girls quickly began to enthusiastically share gossip, naturally ignoring the dazed Lin Tianlang by the side.
Lin Tianlang casually ate a few mouthfuls during the meal before excusing himself to go take a rest while leaving with his little glass jar.
Naturally, he didn’t go to rest. Rather, he went to visit Sun Xiaomei whom he had sent to the infirmary earlier.