Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 110.2 - He doesn’t like female students (Part 2)

Chapter 110 – He doesn’t like female students (Part 2)
“No wonder Senior Lin has a better relationship with boys and doesn’t like talking to girls a lot.”
“No wonder Senior Lin and An Mingxuan act ambiguously all the time.”
The more she thought about it, the more she felt like it was true.
Chen Fangya left the bamboo tower in a daze. Lin Mumu first wanted to send her away, but when she saw Zhou Qiang wandering nearby downstairs, she gave up that idea.
It was better to leave Classmate Zhou Qiang some opportunities.
Still, Lin Mumu felt like she being a little cruel towards Chen Fangya by ruthlessly crushing her hope and first love.
But Lin Mumu always remembered that shocking scene she witnessed in her last life. When Zhou Qiang’s dead body fell into Chen Fangya’s arms, she had burst out into heart wrenching tears while lamenting:
“If there is a next life, I must understand my feelings earlier! Why can’t I clearly see the people that are just around me? Why did I have to pointlessly pursue an illusory dream?”
After that matter, Chen Fangya solemnly shaved her head and decided to become a Buddhist nun to protect her and Zhou Qiang’s Buddhist principles.
In her past life, that was a sad tragedy. Lin Mumu wasn’t sure whether she could save Zhou Qiang in this life, but what she could currently do was to force Chen Fangya to understand her own feelings earlier, or at least give her the opportunity to.
Anyway, Lin Tianlang was a thoughtless man who was wholeheartedly devoted to Taoism, he wasn’t an appropriate candidate at all.
Moreover, Lin Mumu didn’t wrongly accuse him. He really didn’t like female students, well, he didn’t like male students either.

In the afternoon, there were no more classes she needed to attend, so Lin Mumu unhurriedly went to the most bustling bicycle shop near university and casually bought a women’s bicycle. Afterwards, she leisurely rode it and went to the nearby flowers and birds’ market.
The flowers and birds’ market wasn’t very large, and bicycles were inconvenient to use inside, so Lin Mumu had to park her newly-bought bicycle outside before walking in on foot.
Perhaps it was because she really felt like she had Yun Ting’s backing, Lin Mumu, who had always believed in principles of Taoism and the law of nature, actually wanted to try making money this time.
But since she was still a student, the most direct and efficient way she could make money was to raise flowers!
Yanda was located at the center of the ancient imperial city, near the bustling residential area. The flowers and birds’ market was just nearby, and was naturally bustling and lively as well.
On the different stands and small shops, all kinds of strange flowers and plants were competing for splendor, and all kinds of adorable small pets were competing for cuteness. And the market was not only crowded by the citizens but also the curious tourist visiting the area.