Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 111.1 - A white boned spirit (Part 1)

Chapter 111 – A white boned spirit (Part 1)

(TN: A white boned spirit means a sly and cunning person; it was apparently a figure of speech used in the novel ‘Journey to the West’.)
At this time, online shopping still wasn’t as popular as it would become in the future, and everyone liked to hang out in the shopping malls and bustling streets. However, such things like birds and flowers may not be bought immediately, which lead the customers to walk around more, and making the market all the more crowded. Some people even came just to see the flowers or take their pets for a walk, or meet people for a chat.
Since the flowers’ and birds’ market was more crowded that other places, it was more popular and it naturally had better business thanks to the overflowing customers visiting daily.
And although the surroundings were very noisy, Lin Mumu liked the feeling of being surrounded by flowers and plants everywhere.
In the flowers’ and birds’ market, there were mainly three types of plants sold.
The first type was potted plants that you could put on table tops like cactus, green radish and bamboo. They were not only cheap but also easy to maintain alive and attend to. Moreover, the pots were easy to carry, and many students of Yanda would buy several pots to put in their dorm rooms. Even Lin Mumu’s dorm room had two of such pots that Chen Fangya had previously bought.
The second type were large basins arranged to decorate shop fronts. The large potted plants were at least a person tall, and either had blooming little flowers or lush and verdant leaves. Those plants were in fact economical and easy to maintain, but if the plant was big, it could sell for more and earn the seller quite a bit, perhaps more than tens of hundreds per pot. The plant itself was not only economical but also good-looking.
The third type were the orchid flowers, which were the really elegant expensive goods. The size didn’t need to be necessarily big, and the appearance may not be necessarily beautiful, but each and every basin was terribly expensive! Who let orchids be hyped and become so popular nowadays? As long as you possessed some kind of elegant orchid, it suddenly seemed like your social status increased many times over.
In this marker, almost every shop has these three types of flowers and plants for sale.
Lin Mumu wasn’t merely strolling in the market aimlessly but actually had a purpose for coming there. To be more precise, she came here to rationally pick up unnoticed treasures and collect them. She would buy some plants that appeared like they couldn’t be raised without injured roots for cheaper prices and sell them for a higher price to get earnings.
Lin Mumu unhurriedly walked around the market without specifically stopping at any shop. She was merely having a first look around in order to get a better hang of the products and their prices.